At The Lodhi Spa, tasteful decor, expert therapists, and a wide range of effective treatments and therapies come together to transform you. By Parvati Mohanakrishnan

There’s nothing like time at the spa to cure them Monday blues, except maybe jazz. So, as soon as I can get away from my desk, I make my way to The Lodhi New Delhi. Gretchen Parlato’s Butterfly sets the tone for the rest of my day. And by the time I pull up outside the hotel, my mind’s dancing to a different tune.

There’s a lovely old-world charm to the thoroughly contemporary hotel that makes you feel at home at once. I take the lift down from the lobby into a cool lounge. And then I walk down an art-lined corridor into a welcoming embrace from Athini, the spa manager. The enormous spa has eight large rooms with steam, shower, bathtub, day beds and massage tables, as well as separate hammams, and wet areas for men and women.

The Experience

I enter the spa lounge and am greeted by Pema Choizon, my therapist for the day. She leads me to a large double suite and leaves me to take a quick shower before she gives me a taste of ‘The Lodhi Experience’.

A little later, Pema tells me that she’s more trainer than therapist. And I know exactly why when she starts the 90-minute treatment. She has the softest hands and seems to be a master at everything from Thai and deep-tissue massage to chiropractic manoeuvres.

She starts with my back, working every stiff joint and twisted muscle into submission. Sometimes she uses her elbows to apply deep pressure, and, at other times, stretches my arms and legs to ease the stress in my lower back. She moves to my legs, arms and front, and then to my head and face. And as she does, I am filled with a bewildering energy that pumps me up and relaxes me at the same time.

The invigorating head and face massages hark the end of the rejuvenating treatment. And when I rise from the treatment bed, my body feels like a weight has been lifted off it! My limbs move freely, that nagging shoulder pain is a thing of the past, and I am filled with a sense of peace that can only come from utter relaxation.

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