Let loose to the sweet sound of jazz, concept drinks, and fusion cuisine at Lock & Key, the new speakeasy in Gurugram’s Cross Point Mall. By Radhika Sikaria



To find out what the 20s ‘blind pig’ trend was, amidst velvet seating, sepia tone posters, and antique collectables. The menu spreads out to an exhaustive selection of fusion food that beautifully complements the concept cocktails. The service is prompt, and Kuldeep, the general manager, is more than happy to guide you through. The drinks list is heavy on innovative flavours using yuzu, elderflower, popcorn, smoke, corn flakes, and caramel, amongst others, while also maintaining a strong base of the classics and old favourites. While Back Note on Popcorn with Orange, Smoky Finish Sour Drink, and Almond and Bourbon Cocktail, may sound absurd and you’d want to skip it, we suggest you give it a try.







Bhuna Gosht Quesadilla Pan grilled tortilla sheet filled with succulent boneless mutton with mild cheddar cheese served with homemade sour cream and tomato salsa.

Pulled Pork Samosas Slowly braised pork shoulder with red wine and jus, pulled and then tossed in hickory barbeque sauce, spices, and served with Hot Garlic mayo.






Basil Chicken On Wonton Thai chilly basil minced chicken tossed with soy, bird eye chili, basil sauce, and Thai herbs. Served on crisp wonton squares topped with crisp vermicelli.


Truffloni Flatbread Homemade flat bread topped with spicy marinara, mozzarella, jalapenos, sundried tomato, pepperoni, and crisp rocket leaves, drizzled with Truffle oil.






Galouti Sliders Pan-grilled mutton Galouti kebab served on mini burger bun with onion, tomato slices with mint yoghurt.


Mushroom Chicken Steak Overnight marinated chicken steak with garlic and herbs, grilled and tossed with mushroom jus and served with tossed exotic vegetable and paprika mashed potato.







Rustic, with a brazen décor. The lounge transforms from being a happy place to hang out at with your friends, humming with activity in the evenings, to a quaint space for business meetings at lunch hour.




Live performances by artists spanning across various genres such as Jazz, Blues, and Classic Rock at Friday Night Live, held every week, 7 PM onwards. If you are a fan of retro music, head there on a Saturday night.