As the world continues to hope for #CoronaBeGone, our favourite celebrities from around the globe are putting up a united front urging people to stay positive during these difficult times. Read on to get a down low on all the #virtualconcerts you missed out on and one’s you can still watch. By Amitha Ameen


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As festivals, concerts, performances and basically any type of public gathering stand cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, artists including celebrities, comedians, actors, and others are all taking to social media and streaming platforms to connect with fans.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin was the first one to kick-start the trend. Earlier in the week, Martin addressed his fans through Coldplay’s official Instagram account. The singer played a 30-minute set that included acoustic versions of hit songs like A Sky Full of Stars and Trouble.


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Closely following Martin’s footsteps was Grammy award winner John Legend, who announced his #togetherathome gig on Twitter. The singer was accompanied by his wife Chrissy Teigen and their daughter Luna.

Country singer Keith Urban got in on the action as well and performed a garage concert along with his wife and Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman. “Hi, everyone. We’re coming to you live from our warehouse, actually,” Urban said. “We thought we’ll just set the stream up tonight, mostly because I was supposed to be playing tonight, and I just thought it would be nice to be able to play anyway, even though we can’t be in front of all you guys tonight.”

Many other artists like PINK, Charlie Puth, Norah Jones and Patti Smith were among those who took to Instagram to live stream their #virtualconcerts.


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Meanwhile, in Italy’s Milan, Instagram power couple blogger Chiara Ferragni and singer Fedez live-streamed from their apartment. The couple was later joined by opera singer Andrea Bocelli and his son Matteo. Bocelli’s voice has been described by many in the industry as ‘the most beautiful in the world.’


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In addition to singers, actors too took to social media. Amy Adams, Jennifer Garner, Gal Gadot, Jimmy Fallon and others imitated various different initiatives while urging their fans to stay indoors and practise social distancing.

Now if you happened to miss out on these performances, don’t worry. There’s a string of artists who have announced their next #virtualconcert. Keep watching this space.

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