The post-Corona world is expected to see many changes in the restaurant and dining sector. Taking a leap into this metamorphosis is Lite Bite Foods Pvt. Ltd. who will be setting up 36 cloud kitchens across five cities. Here’s what we know about it so far. By Bayar Jain


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Considered one of the leaders of the F&B retail companies with big names such as Punjab Grill, TRES, You Mee, The Artful Baker, Zambar, Hahns Kitchen, Street foods by Punjab grill, Asia Seven Express, Baker Street and more under its wings, Lite Bite Foods (LBF) is now embracing the changes of the post-Corona world as well. Equipped with a fund of INR 25 crores (for this project), the company is now foraying into cloud kitchens, as per their official press release. The release further states that this mammoth goal will result in 36 such kitchens across five cities in the course of three years. The result, they expect, would be an INR 100 crores’ turnover.


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To cater to the increasing demands of at-home dining, the LBF kitchens will reportedly also be expanding into two operating models: Hybrid kitchens and QSR focussed kitchens. While the first category will host a mix of premium and mass brands, the latter will solely be mass-market brands. As per the release, the first such cloud kitchen will hit the floors in August 2020 starting with New Delhi. Every subsequent month there will be new kitchens springing up in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.


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This disruptive model will initially operate within LBF restaurants. Moreover, new brands catering to the increasing demands of biryani; rolls and parathas; and meals-in-a-bowl will also be launched, states the release. LBF’s newly launched food app named FOOGO will help bring these delicious foods to patrons’ homes.


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To usher standardisation and consistency, a ‘hub and spoke’ model is also reportedly underway. The use of fresh ingredients, scratch-recipe sauces, and preservative-free foods will continue as before, this time with additional tamperproof packaging to ensure further safety. Additionally, staff in the kitchen will reportedly have to change into sterilised uniforms before entering. A 100 per cent contactless process will reportedly be in place at every step of the way, including the kitchen wherein the ingredients will also never be touched with bare hands.

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