The city of picture-perfect cobbled streets, dramatic sunrise and sunset points, hip cafes, captivating hillsides offering picturesque panoramic views of the city, glorious cathedrals, and a rich Gothic heritage — Lisbon is brimming with frames that are every Instagrammer’s dream. Read on to reveal a selected few of these sites, and see stunning Lisbon images that will set your feed on fire. You’re welcome! By Kumar Shree

1. Miradouro de Santa Luzia

Miradouro de Santa Luzia is one of the most famous viewing points of the city, and you’ll agree once you reach there. This spot offers the best angles to witness Lisbon, which also makes it pretty crowded. If you want to click that Insta-worthy picture, you’ll have to be patient, or beat the crowd by reaching super early around sunrise.

2. Palácio Belmonte

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Palácio Belmonte is one of the hottest properties in Lisbon. The sweeping views from its rooms is just one of the reasons for that. If you do not wish to stay here and have other plans, fret not. The viewing platform down the street offers an almost similar view, if not better.

3. Praça do Comércio

Praça do Comércio is a bounty of frames for those with an eye. While the square (in the image above) is the most popular attraction, photographers tend to figure out a way around the place and find that perfect frame. We trust you with that! Hint: Try exploring the arcades around the square.

4. Ascensor da Bica

If there’s one location in Lisbon that throws in all the elements of a stunning composition — light, colour, and symmetry — it is Ascensor da Bica. With ascensors (lifts) going up and down here, the place offers breathtaking frames that will surely boom your Instagram account.

5. LxFactory

One of the favourite hangout spots for locals, LxFactory is bustling with tourists and locals alike, who visit this place to try out the many cafes, bookstores, and restaurants. The place is ideal for clicking photographs that reflect the cohesion of quaint and bustling sides of Lisbon.

6. Rua das Escolas Gerais

Another popular spot for clicking photographs in Lisbon — the above is one of the most commonly photographed images here. People try creating variations of the same, and often end up amassing many double taps. We’re sure you would love to have some of those too, so go clicking. The Church of São Vicente of Fora here also makes for a great click.

7. Torre de Belém

It is said that a visit to Lisbon without having visited the Torre de Belém is incomplete. The incredible tower in the water makes for a stunning image. It is also easy to reach via various means of transport, so make sure you go there and click one of those stunning images to pop up on your feed!

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