Celebrity make-up artist Lekha Gupta shares tips and tricks that you will need to look picture-perfect on your best friend’s wedding. By Rashima Nagpal


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Three make-up looks that every bridesmaid can easily choose from?

As a bridesmaid, one has a plethora of choices but the easiest to achieve among them would be soft brown smokey eyes with a nude-brown or nude-pink lip tint, or muted eyes and bold lipstick. The lip colour in this look could be either wine red or bright fuchsia pink. Lastly, a sheen-based look with glitter eyes, loads of highlights on the face, and super glossy lips. In all these three looks, curling of lashes, layers of mascara, and well-defined brows cannot be undermined.

One make-up product that you think can come handy for every bridesmaid?

A lip tint or lipstick. You can use this one product in multiple ways to create a complete look. Definitely on the lips, a touch on the cheeks, and even a hint on the eyes. And if I’m allowed to cheat, I’ll sneak in a mascara too.

What skincare routine would you recommend for Indian bridesmaids?

Hydrating the skin is key. As a bridesmaid, you won’t have the time to get ready at a leisurely pace. So, if your skin is prepped from before, and looks radiant and hydrated, half your work is done. A CTM (cleansing-toning-moisturising) routine twice a day, along with a face and lip scrub once a week should help you get rid of dead cells. And of course, home-made face masks using ingredients like curd, aloe vera, turmeric, tomato, and cucumber can be used to soothe fine lines and puffy eyes, and remove unwanted tan.


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Suggest a make-up look for bridesmaids who are planning to don western outfits.

A classic winged eyeliner, loads of mascara, well-defined brows, and a bold pair of lips.

What make-up look would you recommend for girls choosing to wear Indian attire?

Glitter eyes and glossy lips along with hints of blush. Again, a good coat of mascara can’t be forgotten.

A secret make-up tip you swear by?

I’d say, always use a lash curler with two coats of mascara for those fluttery long and thick lashes.


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An overrated make-up trend that you think we can ignore this year?

Over contouring and highlighting one’s face; it completely changes the way one naturally looks.

Some new make-up trends worth experimenting with this year?

Neons; graphic eyeliners; glossy eyes; and bold, thick, and upward brushed brows.

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