Known for her ethereal aura, both on and off the screen, Aditi Rao Hydari is an adventurer at heart. She ardently believes that ‘At the end of the day, your hair should be messy, your feet dirty, and your eyes sparkling’. Enchanted by the beauty of France’s countryside, the actor lets her guard down and opens up about her travels. By Rashima Nagpal

What does travel mean to you?

To me, travel has always been about expansion. It’s about going with the flow of experiencing different cultures, food, [and] weather, as happily and effortlessly as possible. It’s about accepting and appreciating plurality.

Le Logis Aditi Rao Hydari

What kind of traveller are you?

I like different kinds of holidays. It depends on how I feel. Sometimes, I want to switch off and literally detox every aspect of my being. Most times, the thought of a holiday is about adventure, feeling free, feeling uninhibited, eating whatever I want, walking, cycling, meandering without an agenda, being spontaneous. Whatever holiday I go on, I like to have a person I love or people I love around me. I’m a trooper and not fussy about plans; I’m happy to let the day unfold. I find that exciting.

Your most memorable trip?

My most incredible experience was travelling with my dance teacher, Leela Samson, and a senior of mine from dance class to Japan and China. We travelled for two weeks in China and two weeks in Japan. It was quite a challenge because I was travelling every second day, dancing, then travelling again. I was sleep-deprived, my muscles were always sore, I was in tears some days out of exhaustion. Any time off, I spent sightseeing. I remember The Forbidden City. I cannot forget Hangzhou, one of the prettiest cities I’ve ever seen. I remember the slow-cooked mutton roast in Inner Mongolia, the huge fish market in Tokyo, the train rides where no one makes eye-contact. I love animals and was most thrilled to see deer on the streets of Nara.

Le Logis Aditi Rao Hydari

A destination that took you by surprise?

Cape Town. It has everything! Mountains, sea, rivers, animals, great weather… Anyone would be spoilt for choice. Cities, beaches, or mountains—what’s your cup of tea? The sea with mountains around it! I like quaint places—cobbled streets, beautiful architecture, cafes by the roadside, friendly people, and safe places where I don’t have to hang on to my bag for dear life!

How was your experience at Le Logis?

Le Logis is everything you imagine a home to be, and more. [It’s] Luxury with love. It has an idyllic, almost fairytale-like atmosphere. The village across from Le Logis, the mountains, the vineyards… it is all just so beautiful. The kitchen and the area around it became my favourite place to hang out.

Le Logis Aditi Rao Hydari

If you could teleport, where would you go?

London in summer is always dependable and a lot of fun. The sun’s out and everyone’s in a great mood!

Places on your bucket list?

Too many! There’s so much to see. I’d love to go to South America, Tuscany, the south of France, Jordan, [and] Morocco. I also want to see the Northern Lights.


Book The House of the Spirits, by Isabel Allende

Film Dead Poets Society

Quote “You see things; you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’” —GEORGE BERNARD SHAW

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