Travelling Solo? App Will Help You Meet New People

Meet strangers and build a friendship while travelling, or host interesting events without the fear of no-shows. app is here to help you connect with real people in the real world. By Pallavi Mehra app enables a more social travel experience. The goal is to encourage new connections. If you have a few hours to kill at an airport, or if you’re visiting a new city, or looking to make new friends in your current city, then the mobile-based application is perfect for you. The app enables people to connect with those around them based on their profiles, socialise in a safe environment, and possibly become friends.


After downloading the app, create a profile and link it to your social media accounts to grant the app an access your likes and dislikes (basically create more digital footprint than you already have). The app then shows you other profiles on the basis of your interests. You may search for cafes or restaurants near you that have a ‘Layover Community Table;’ you can invite people to this table, and users may join, if they’re interested in your profile. In addition to this, you can even create events such as wine tasting, poetry reading, picnics in the park, and expect people to show up.



Screenshots of the app as on iOS



The app was created with a purpose to help people meet new people, after the founder found himself alone and with no one to enjoy the many restaurants and facilities during his four-hour layover at the Singapore Changi Airport. Ideal for tourists, expats, college students, app provides a safe platform to make new connections in the real world, meet new people, and build new friendships.


To learn more, check out Layover or download the app for iOS here and Android here

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