Travel can be fun, but it can also be stressful. Here’s some gear designed to help you relax on a long road trip or flight. By Vaibhav Sharma


Tech Essentials
Picture Credit: Sony

Noise cancelling on-ear headphones have always been popular with frequent flyers, but what if you want something lighter? Something that doesn’t take up much space while on the go? If you are a stickler for the above features, try Sony WI-1000X. This in-ear neckband headset sports active noise-cancellation that takes air pressure into account, making it perfect for flights. It’s also compact, has 10 hours of battery life, and supports high-res wireless streaming.
Price: INR21,990. Buy it here.


Tech Essentials
Picture Credit: Anker

If you love your old car but miss the latest smarts such as voice-activated in-car entertainment systems, there’s an adorable way to ‘upgrade’ your old ride: The Anker Roav Viva Alexa enabled USB charger. It’s got twin noise-cancelling mics, two high-speed PowerIQ charging ports for your smartphone, Bluetooth music streaming and best of all, Alexa voice commands for music playback.
Price: INR4,182. Buy it here.


Tech Essentials
Picture Credit: RHA Media

What can make long flights worse is watching in-flight movies with the airline’s low quality headphones. Not anymore. The RHA Wireless Flight Adapter, with stereo and twin mono plugs, can be connected to the in-flight entertainment system. It then pipes audio over Bluetooth—letting you use your headphones instead.
Price: INR4,999. Buy it here.


Tech Essentials
Picture Credit: Carriall

It’s about time ‘smart’ tech made its way to our luggage. Check out Carriall’s Planar trolley that boasts a subtle grey poly-carbonate exterior, in-built weighing scale, and Bluetooth anti-theft alert system. It also comes with shoe and laundry bags.
Price: INR13,999. Buy it here.


Tech Essentials
Picture Credit: BauBax

Old-school is good, but vintage gear can sometimes be impractical. So, check out this reworked bomber jacket by BauBax, whose classic yet modern design makes it versatile. It also includes a host of travel-friendly features: eye mask, inflatable pillow, a bottle opener, and pockets for everything from iPads and power banks to sunglasses and passports.
Price: INR14,400. Buy it here.


Tech Essentials
Picture Credit: Sony

Looking for an alternative to GoPro? Check out the shockproof and waterproof Sony RX0 II. It’s got a one-inch sensor from Sony’s mirror-less camera range, which means better low-light imagery. Other features include external audio recording support, wireless multi-cam control, and 1000fps slow-motion video.
Price: INR57,990. Buy it here.


Tech Essentials
Picture Credit: TouchRetouch

Have you clicked the perfect photograph, only to fi nd it marred by unsightly power lines or a strategically placed trash can? TouchRetouch is an app that does a decent job of cleaning up your photographs, removing everything unwanted, from cables and stop signs to blemishes and dust. Use the auto line removal tool, or select what’s to be removed and then choose the right tool. Adjustable opacity also makes your edit look ‘natural’.
Available on Google Play and App Store.

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