Ladakh’s union territory administration has announced a complete ban on all objects made out of plastic including plastic bottles in government institutions and other offices. Here is what we know. By Amitha Ameen


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As part of the region’s novel and long-term goals of ‘carbon neutral Ladakh’, an official spokesperson said all government organisations including offices and educational institutions would do away with plastic water bottles and instead make alternative arrangements for safe and sustainable drinking water practices.

According to the order, the different establishments are required to ensure a total ban on the use of all plastic bottles and other plastic goods by the end of July in all the institutions. Additionally, the establishments will need to come up with alternative eco-friendly measures and incorporate bio-degradable materials instead.


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“Only multi-use water bottles, dispensers, containers will be allowed in government offices and water bottles of alternative materials like glass, steel, aluminium shall be used,” the spokesperson said.

Further educational institutions will need to make efforts of incorporating messages of zero waste, effective plastic management, and the effects of littering, so as to educate the younger generation on how they use products in the future.


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With increased tourism in Leh and Ladakh in the past few years, there has been an increase in rubbish that is piling up, ruining the pristine landscape of the region. The area is not equipped to handle the large influx to tourists, and hence efforts like this are what will bring back the balance to the beauty that is Ladakh.

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