The 2018 La Tomatina festivities have begun. And here are first few snaps on Instagram from Bunol, Spain. By Deepali Sharma

1. Bathing in squashed tomatoes looks fun!

2. Or huddling together to squash them with your feet.

3. Or throwing the squashed tomatoes at people from the truck.

#Buñolenfiestas #tomatina2018 #noesno

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4. Being brave enough to take a selfie.

#Tomatina #Tomatina2018 #LaTomatina

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5. Or walking through the tomato filled streets.

#tomatina2018 Este era para vosotros

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6. Letting the overwhelming quantity of tomatoes to just take over.

The day has come🍅 La #tomatina is here💃🏻

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We are enjoying these. Are you?