Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia flew to Seoul, South Korea, to experience the 10-step beauty regime that Koreans use to keep their skin young and flawless. As exhausting as this sounds, we can’t help wonder how the ladies far east can find the time for it. Read her first-hand account.

I’ve never seen the purpose of investing in make-up without first investing in proper skin care that will make your bare skin shine more than any illuminator can. Skin care, to me, is a vast universe of ever-changing science to help our outer, visible shell glow as bright as our internal flame. To stay up to date on the hottest trends, I flew to the beauty metropolis of Seoul, South Korea recently for a glimpse of their famous, 10-step K-Beauty skin care regimen.


First Three Steps
The first three steps are geared towards cleansing. It starts with an oil cleanser to remove make up followed by a foaming cleanser for a deeper clean. The last step includes an exfoliator for a fresh, debris-free shine. Using all three of these cleansers is dependent on the season and sensitivity level of the skin. Exfoliators, on the other hand, can make you dry in the winter but halt excess oil production when temperatures rise.


Step Four
Toners without alcohol are simply said, expensive water, while toners with alcohol leave all skin types, dry or oily, sensitive and too vulnerable to the environment. It’s a completely useless step, however, if you aren’t ready to give up your toner, at least make sure it is alcohol-free. If acne and oil are concerns, there are much safer options to rid your skin of excess oil than alcohol-based products.


Step Five
The fifth step called ‘Essence’ has a nice ring to it, but is simply a fancy word for a diluted serum.


Step Six
Serums the 6th step in the K-Beauty regimen, are typically more powerful formulations that will better target your specific needs. For example, one serum heavily targets fine lines while another smoothens complexion.


Step Seven To Nine
Masks, eye creams, and facial creams. These should be customised to your specific needs if at all you want to include them in your daily regime. Masks can be used once per week to target problems, but not daily. One of my new Korean favorites for rejuvenation is Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. As for eye and facial creams, a good facial cream can often double as an eye cream. For example, Dr.Jarts+ Cicarepair line has a variety of calming creams that are safe and effective on the face and under eye. If your under eye needs a little extra boost, however, you can’t go wrong with Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol eye cream.


Step Ten
Finally, the most important step in the regime: sunscreen. It’s true that everyone needs sunscreen…every day, indoors or outdoors, hot or cold. All of us are victim of UV radiation when outside, through windows, clouds, and even car wind shields.