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Renewable and sustainable energy is the way forward for the world as we try to cut back on carbon emissions to control the climate crisis. Odisha’s Konark Sun Temple is paving the way of sustainability for other temples and tourist destinations, as it is prepping to go completely solar. By Manya Saini

Technological innovation to conserve resources and reduce fuel consumption is one of the central concerns of the world today. Accepting the responsibility of ensuring sustainability for future generations, Odisha’s ancient Sun temple in Konark is going to adopt solar energy.


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The initiative by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy hopes to instil the message of synergy between the ancient and modern to devise a path for the future. As per reports, the Union Power Minister RK Singh said that the government of India is launching the project as an awareness initiative along with being a clean energy venture.

The Ministry in a press release has said that the project will cover the entire town of Konark that functions around its central temple, the hub of all local and tourist activity in the area. The solarisation project hopes to make into reality the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of turning the historical site into, Surya Nagri (the sun town).


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The initiative of an approximate 25 crore rupees will be implemented by the Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency to ensure that all energy needs of Konark Town are fulfilled by the solar panel installations. It envisages a multi-grid project of 10 MW connected to each other with off-grid applications. These include solar drinking water booth and solar trees. The project will be executed in collaboration with the Central and State government.

Konark Sun Temple is one of the most prominent shrines in the state visited by millions of travellers each year. The 13th-century marvel was built by King Narasimhadeva I. The town is also home to an annual dance festival dedicated to classical dance of Odisha, Odissi.

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