Kolkata’s Lockdown Images Tells A Different Story Of The City Of Joy

As we sit inside our homes because of the lockdown, we can’t help but miss the nostalgia that rings in the streets of Kolkata. And here’s how the City of Joy now looks under lockdown. By Kumar Shree

The City of Joy is called so for more reasons than one. Kolkata celebrates the idea of glory. On one hand, the city’s soul is beautifully intervened to its (over) 300-year-old history, and on the other, it romances the idea of modernity without holding back. The art and the artist thrive in every beating pulse of the metropolis, where you cannot help but fall in love with its simplicity, people, culture, and of course, its cuisine. Today, we are trying to celebrate the nuances of this city’s persona via these pictures that show how Kolkata looks under the lockdown.

P.S. All these images were clicked by people who were bound by the sense of their duties to go out. We do not endorse or suggest going out during the lockdown just for the purpose of clicking photographs. Staying at home is the best you can do during this time, and we advise you to do exactly that. Stay inside, stay home, and stay safe, so that you can travel the world later.

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