Located in Tamil Nadu, the Kodaikanal lake is about to get revamped. However, environmentalists are concerned that this idea might not be as effective as it sounds. By Bayar Jain


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Considered one of India’s finest man-made lakes, the Kodaikanal lake is a prime tourist attraction in the city. According to reports, the Municipal Corporation of Tamil Nadu is on the cusp of revamping this lake, for which it is also conducting a survey. In fact, Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami has also announced INR 100 crore to fund this project.

With this renovation, the lake will get new paving blocks around the lake. This move is aimed at preventing floods in the region, especially during rains. Apart from this, the peripheries of the lake will also be lit using high-quality lamps. By doing this, not only are the authorities hoping to light the lake better, but they’re also aiming to better the aesthetic of the lake for visiting tourists. Moreover, there are also chances that roads around the area will be closed for vehicles. Instead, battery-operated cars are expected to be rolled out for tourists to take them to the jetty.


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Although the plan sounds grand, environmentalists beg to differ. They feel merely beautifying the exteriors is of no use as the water body needs internal cleaning as well. The original master plan, which was initiated in 1993, also included dropping 15 silt drops to filter the water. However, over the years of the lake’s existence, the areas near the lake become a dumping ground, resulting in the closing down of these silts. Earlier, eight micro watersheds carrying rainwater from various places were installed as well. Now, only three remain. Environmentalists have raised concerns over the current revamp, highlighting that proper maintenance of the lake is required.

Additionally, tourists and environmentalists have also highlighted that a solid waste management plan is needed to full-proof the beautification plan. Dumping any form of waste in the lake should be prohibited, otherwise, any renovation works will prove to be futile.

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