We may all be upping the ante when it comes to nailing the art of sustainable travel practices but Kisawa Sanctuary already has its foot in the future. This hotel on the shore of Benguerra Island in Mozambique is the world’s first 3D-printed retreat. By Kumar Shree

As elements like paper straw, bamboo-fiber towel, and glass bottles are gaining mainstream appeal, our hope for a better and greener future is also solidifying. After all, these minuscule but relevant changes made today are paving way for a sustainable tomorrow. Amidst all this, entrepreneur Nina Flohr‘s brainchild, Kisawa Sanctuary, takes the lead by taking a massive step towards sustainability.

Those who shy away from the ideas of sustainable and conscious travel practices because they do not want to compromise on luxury, would be in for a surprise at Kisawa Sanctuary. The one-of-its-kind property has laid out a blueprint of how to do sustainable without any compromises. All the 14 guestrooms here do not only have a slice of beachfront to themselves, but also boasts of a private swimming pool. The futuristic property also incorporates elements of weaving and carpentry craft works from local artisans.

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😳 #Repost @noblessekorea • • • • • • 세계 최초로 모래를 3D 프린팅해 지은 리조트가 2020년 여름에 오픈합니다. 아프리카 모잠비크 벤구엘라 섬에 자리하게 될 #키사와생추어리 는 주위 환경을 최대한 보존하는 방식으로 3D 프린트 건축을 택했습니다. 숲과 해변, 모래 언덕과 조화를 이루고 있는 지속가능한 리조트로 해변가 자리한 게스트룸에서는 모잠비크의 위빙과 목공 기술을 활용한 지역 장인들의 공예품까지 만날 수 있습니다. 새로운 버킷 리스트가 또 하나 생겼네요. – Kisawasanctuary inside the world’s first 3d printed retreat – 👩‍💻 김희성 #Noblesse #키사와생추어리 #KisawaSanctuary

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Those wondering about how it is possible to create an entire hotel out of 3D-printing, we have an answer for you. The process begins with designing the property on computer. This computer-generated design is then shared with a 3D printer, that breaks it into layers. You get to pick the desired material for printing, which in case of Kisawa is a sand-and-seawater mortar.

The printer nozzle then draws the design from bottom to top. Voila, and there you have your 3D-printed hotel. The Kisawa Sanctuary will open doors from 2020 summers and we cannot wait to experience it. Also, while this is a first-of-its-kind experimental project, Nina Flohr is also planning to implement the same technology at Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies, which is Kisawa’s non-profit arm.

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