We may all be upping the ante when it comes to nailing the art of sustainable travel practices but Kisawa Sanctuary already has its foot in the future. This hotel on the shore of Benguerra Island in Mozambique is as unique as a retreat can get. By Kumar Shree

As elements like paper straw, bamboo-fiber towel, and glass bottles are gaining mainstream appeal, our hope for a better and greener future is also solidifying. After all, these minuscule but relevant changes made today are paving way for a sustainable tomorrow. Amidst all this, entrepreneur Nina Flohr‘s brainchild, Kisawa Sanctuary, has taken massive step towards sustainability.


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Those who shy away from the ideas of sustainable and conscious travel practices because they do not want to compromise on luxury, would be in for a surprise at Kisawa Sanctuary. The one-of-its-kind property has laid out a blueprint of how to promote sustainability without making any compromises. All the 14 guest rooms here not only have a slice of beachfront to themselves, but also boast a private swimming pool. The futuristic property even incorporates elements of weaving and carpentry craft works from local artisans.


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Kisawa’s distinctive architecture and the innovative use of natural building components derived from Benguerra Island’s own sand and saltwater is what makes it so unique. This sustainable version of the mortar is used for covering the facade, walls, and other structures of the resort. The same is also used as the base material with a patented 3D sand-printing technology which constructs elements such as masonry, flooring and tiling.

While this is a first-of-its-kind experimental project, Nina Flohr is also planning to implement the same technology at Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies, which is Kisawa’s non-profit arm.

You can experience the Kisawa Sanctuary at 5,000 euros per night for a one-bedroom bungalow. The price includes a dedicated team of staff members, private chefs, food and beverage, wellness and spa, and various hotel activities, such as, diving and marine safari, along with an electric vehicle and e-bikes to navigate the property.

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