When something is backed with hard work, love and passion, it is sure to make a mark. Kiara Soul Kitchen, a fine-dining vegetarian restaurant and bar in Greater Kailash II, Delhi stands true to this. As you enter the space it oozes a balmy bohemian vibe. Everything about this place strikes the right chord — right from the chic decor to the experimental food. Here’s an account of our experience at Kiara Soul Kitchen. By Kumar Shree


After scanning through the elaborate menu, we ordered the Kiara fixed menu – Sublime Experience. It was a five-course meal that was truly a treat to our palates and senses.

We started with the creamy Vietnamese Minestrone Soup. Along with it came the Kiara Flower Pot — a quinoa and kale salad with chili garlic dressing. Though not a fan of salads, I must say, this one was absolutely delightful! 

After savouring the refreshing soup and salad, we started with the starters. Steamed pokchoy dumplings and Vietnamese rolls were our favourites. The Vietnamese rolls had a stuffing of crunchy, farm-fresh veggies — think fine slices of tomato, carrot, bell pepper, cauliflower and beetroot rolled in paper-thin rice sheets. It came with a delicious peanut dip.

The steamed pokchoy dumplings came in a bamboo casserole. The mild flavour of the pokchoy leaves blended beautifully with chilli sauce.

Moving on to the main course, we opted for Bao Bhaji, Kiara’s very own take on the popular Indian street-favourite Pao Bhaji. We chose the organic black rice with Thai green curry. We were served three different Baos or breads — crispy, steamed and baked. We especially, loved the crispy Bao.

Now, let’s talk about the organic black rice with Thai green curry! Everything about this dish was perfect. Presentation — bang on, flavours — on point, texture — can’t get better.

Lastly, for desserts we opted for the baked yogurt with blueberry compote and almond nougat. The dessert was like a sudden outburst of amazing flavours. A total winner, I must say!

Moreover, if you like sip on mocktails while dining, try their Virgin Sangria and Classic Ginger Elle.

Summing Up The Kiara Soul Kitchen 

Talking in terms of innovation, Kiara Soul Kitchen gets full marks. The owners of this restaurant, Manav and Madhav Windlass along with Chef Siddharth Choghle have done a fantastic job in curating the unique food experiences. The fresh, healthy, organic and preservatives-free ingredients are sourced locally and dining at the soul kitchen indeed combines the joy of eating out with the purity and mindfulness of eating at home. In fact, even the dressings and the sauces served here are made in house. The crockery as a matter of fact was also sourced straight from the artisans!

Who Should Try Kiara 

If you are a staunch vegetarian and have gotten over the same old traditional vegetarian dishes, this is the place for you. 

Who Can Skip Kiara 

If you get easily turned off at the prospect of experimentation and are happy with what the conventional way of food preparation and consumption is — you can skip this place. 

Must Try 

The Organic Black Rice with Thai Green Curry
Vietnamese Minestrone Soup
Pokchoy Dumplings
Baked Youghurt 


M 30, First Floor 
Greater Kailash 2 M-Block Market
New Delhi, 110048
M: +91 8587904000 
T:  +91 11 40367904 

Price for two: INR 2,100 for two (with alcohol)

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