“A horseback ride and swim is the coolest thing I’ve done,” — Kiara Advani

A mesmerising location, combined with a whimsical shoot, encouraged the dreamy Kiara Advani to open up about love, life, and her travel plans. By Rashima Nagpal

Do you have a travel ritual?

No, but that’s a very good idea, actually! Oh but I try and get a fridge magnet from every new place I visit.

What’s your worst travel nightmare?

Delayed flights!

If you are to be stuck in one place for the rest of your life, and you have a choice, what place would you choose?

Some place with Internet (laughs), and an island like this one (Mauritius). But who I am trapped with is a more important question, which I won’t answer.

Kiara Advani Interview

Being in a multi-lingual destination makes me want to ask, how many languages can you speak?

A little bit of Telugu apart from Hindi and English. I’d like to learn Spanish—it’s quite a flirtatious language, and because I want to really explore the US [the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world].

A fangirl moment?

When I shared screen space with Madhuri [Dixit] ma’am in Kalank—that’s the most smitten I’ve ever been.

A pet peeve associated with travelling?

Long queues at the airport.

A holiday moment that beats all the rest?

A horseback ride and swim in Jamaica—the coolest thing I’ve ever done! It’s a guide-led group activity, which begins with a horseback ride along the shore, then the horses begin walking towards the horizon, and soon, they’re swimming with you on the back! It’s also the most adventurous thing I’ve done.

Any travel fantasies that you harbour?

I dream of exploring Japan.

Kiara Advani Interview
Advani prefers beaches over mountains.

A guilty pleasure?

Dark chocolate, almost every night!

Would you rather be in a room full of people, or all by yourself?

All by myself… With this job, I have begun to value even the slightest of ‘me time’ that I get.

How do you like to explore a new destination on film shoot schedules?

By going local in whatever little time I get. For instance, I’d been shooting in Delhi a lot lately and I loved exploring its food scene—Townhall and Khan Market are my favourites. My first film took me to Ladakh, and I haven’t seen anything more beautiful than that.

A quick hack for a traveller who likes to keep it glam?

A nice pair of sunglasses and a really cool bag—like a belt bag—can glamourise any outfit.

Kiara Advani Interview

We’re surrounded by newlyweds here. How do you picture your own wedding?

An intimate beach wedding in Greece! Also, I’m half-Sindhi and half-Christian, so I’d incorporate elements from both sides—I want to have a white wedding and walk down the aisle, but I want my man to arrive on a horse!


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