Travelling During Monsoons? Try Khadi Products For A Flawless Skin And Hair!

Along with the first showers of rain and the pleasant petrichor that follows, monsoon also brings with it humidity in the air that often leads to troubled skin and frizzy hair. But fret not. For this season, if you are travelling, we bring to you a range of all-Ayurvedic essentials from Khadi Natural that will make you monsoon-ready in no time! By Sushmita Srivastav

Keeping your skin in control and taming your tresses during monsoon is an uphill battle for most of us. The constant moisture is to be blamed for the spread of activated germs and increase in the accumulation of toxins in the body. But if armed with the right products paired with a good diet, you can break free from the torturous cycle.

For starters, indulge in Ayurveda. Match the seasonal change and introduce a change in your diet by bringing in Ayurvedic food to your daily life. The ayurvedic diet helps you detox and cleanse your body from inside first, working its way out to your outer self. For instance, keep the salt intake low, stay hydrated (and we can’t stress this enough!), fill your plates with lots of fruits and veggies, stay off from spicy food, and drink up some herbal tea.

While doing the diet right, find space for helpful herbs in the products used on the skin as well. Let Neem, Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Rose, Turmeric, and more soothe your skin, and help you glow. Ayurveda recommends exfoliating and masking your skin on a regular basis. While all of this might sound a tad bit too much, you are sure to find solace in the products that Khadi Natural brings to you for the season.

Kin For Your Skin

Start your skin care routine with the Rose & Papaya Scrub to rid your skin off toxins. The Face Wash made from Aloe Vera, Neem and Tulsi help you stay fresh and lets your skin hydrated. Handmade and completely free of harmful chemicals, these products work great on facial skin. Next, put a natural mask on that skin and let it breathe. Then there’s the Rose Water Toner and the pure Aloe Vera & Cucumber Gel to seal the deal of plump, supple skin.

Manage Your Mane

A good hair day during monsoon seems more of a myth. However, the hopeless frizz that monsoon gifts your hair can too be taken care of. The hair oil, rich with Neem, Tea tree, and Basil, not only makes the roots stronger but also brings a shine to your hair. Further, let Amla & Reetha Herbal Cleanser fight dandruff, flaky scalp, and dullness. The paraben-free cleanser is suited for all scalp types. You can also choose to go Neem & Aloe Vera Herbal Cleanser to bring soothe and shine to your lovely locks.

Best For Your Bod

While the Rose & Geranium Bath Salt lets you cleanse your body, the Rose & Honey Body Wash never allows your skin to catch the post-bath frenzy. Try the Orange & Lemongrass Body Wash if you love your skin to smell citrus. However, just a few drops of the Tea tree Essential Oil in your bathtub offers you a feel of freshness all day long.

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