Kerala tourism is back, and how! Within weeks of the deadly floods, the state has opened its doors to welcome tourists with a bang. Apart from it being God’s own country, here are the reasons why Kerala is still the place to be. In fact, it’ll always be! By Japleen Kaur

  1. No Issues Of Transportation

From the Cochin International airport to long distance trains, and even the bus routes are fully functional now in 99% of the areas of the state. Only places where tourists are still warned from going are Chembara peak, Soochipara waterfalls, Kuruvadweep, among a few other regions in Wayanad, Malabar which is an immensely popular location otherwise.

2. Neelakurinji In Munnar


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#Kerala! The #Neelakurinji flowers turning the hills #purple #landscape. Truly #God’sown land.

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Neelakurinji‘ is a rare flower that blooms every 12 years, and this year it has graced everyone with its presence. People had travel plans from far and wide to come see it in reality, but the floods literally watered down a lot of dreams. The good news is, it’s been a week or two since the flowers have bloomed beautifully, and with life back on track in the state, you get to go see the rare sight now! The pink flowers across the beautiful green landscape are something that no one should miss. Or hey, you could always wait for another 12 years.

3. Festivities At Their Peak


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Sunshine, incense cones and warm hearts; welcome to our homeland. #Kerala #GodsOwnCountry

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In an attempt to revive the tourism influx in the state, members of the Kerala Tourism Board visited Gujarat for the Navratri fair. The state has made amazing arrangements for the festive season, and are hoping that people come and become a part of it. With the festive season on in full swing, how about you visit Kerala to make the celebrations even more memorable?

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4. Alleppey Houseboat Experience

One of the major tourist attractions of Kerala are the houseboats. The floods had left almost 25,000 people devastated as their employment and livelihood were destroyed. Now, almost 1,300 houseboats are back in action in the Alleppey, Kollam, and Kumarakom areas. So, book your stay and go experience the magic of Kerala’s hospitality.

5. The Weather Is Perfect

With snow showing its face early this year in the mountains, North India has already started freezing. Take a break from the cold, and head to Kerala to holiday in peace. Plus, now that the damage from the floods are under control, the new and rejuvenated Kerala has the perfect weather to vacay in.

6. The State Genuinely Needs Tourists


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Flowers, yellow, red and pink are alternated in a measured rhythm. Meditate, as you watch a garland being made. #Kerala #GodsOwnCountry

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All said and done, tourism is the backbone of Kerala. With lives lost, properties destroyed, locals have been left with only their will to keep going. One of India’s most popular destinations now needs us to let go of our fear, and visit it with the same eagerness, excitement, and love that we used to. And while you’re there, you can always give a hand in rebuilding livelihoods through volunteering work. The locals need the income that they’ve lost with no fault of theirs.

So, do we hear your fingers tapping away on the keyboard, booking those tickets to go to Kerala yet? This heartwarming ad urging people to visit Kerala this holiday season might just give you another reason.


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Thank you @samsoniteindia , for this thoughtful one. #KeralaIsOpen

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