Fruits find a way to infuse themselves in the treatments offered at Kaya Kalp–The Royal Spa at ITC Maurya, New Delhi, making each experience refreshingly effective. By Sushmita Gupta

Kaya Kalp ITC Maurya
The ambience at Kaya Kalp is perfect to align your thoughts.

I recently read a very beautiful quote by Hermann Hesse: “Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” This quote makes me question the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of what I’ve been doing, especially at the cost of my mind and body’s well-being.

With a resolution to bring about positive change in 2020, I reach Kaya Kalp–The Royal Spa at ITC Maurya, one of the 11 exclusive spas of ITC Hotels. As I enter, I notice two awards that they’ve received from asiaSpa India over the years. Quite re-assuring, I think. Next, I notice their exquisite pomegranate-based design elements inspired by Mughal culture. The decor instantly transports me to a bygone era known for its opulence and charm.

As I enter, I’m warmly greeted by the spa manager, Gurpreet, who makes me feel so comfortable that I immediately know I’m in good hands. She takes me through the history of the pomegranate designs and their treatments inspired by this fruit, and helps me find the therapy best suited to my body. I choose the 120-minute Exotic Pomegranate therapy.

Kaya Kalp ITC Maurya
At Kaya Kalp–The Royal Spa, indulge in a rejuvenating experience that’ll take your mind and body on a sensory journey.

Then, I head to the treatment room with Thanya, my masseuse. The aromatic environment soothes my mind, and the ambience is perfect for me to align my thoughts. As advised by my therapist, I take a five-minute steam before the treatment begins. The session then starts with a pomegranate sugar scrub—a unique combination of fruit and lime, mixed with organic brown sugar. Thanya exfoliates and cleanses my body, employing soft, rhythmic movements, making my skin feel smooth and supple. Next, I take a quick hot shower followed by their signature sandalwood oil massage. Her alleviating strokes on my body relax me, relieve muscular tension, and induce a sense of profound stillness within.

Soon after, I start with my next session—the Absolute Pearl Illuminating facial. The treatment is enriched with pearl powder and active natural ingredients, which increase skin luminosity and tone, and serve as antioxidants. Midway through the facial, I enter a peaceful slumber. Before I know it, Thanya wakes me up to tell me the facial is over. She advises that I take a hot shower (minus the soap) to reap all the benefits of the oils. I pat myself dry, get dressed, and step out to see Thanya holding a tall glass of pomegranate juice for me. In a matter of hours, I am ready to face the world in a whole new avatar!

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