Actor Katrina Kaif Shares Her Secret Hack To Flawless Skin, Even When On-The-Go

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Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif needs no introduction. After having wooed audiences with her movies for more than a decade, and dishing out super hits effortlessly, this star is set to take on a new venture — Kay Beauty. In a conversation with us, she talks about #MakeupThatKares, her hack to flawless skin, and about travelling the world. By Bayar Jain

Often, B-town disguises itself with a garb of philanthropic activities, but few take the extra step to bring change. Katrina Kaif, however, doesn’t succumb to this camouflage. Instead, she has taken a leap and ventured into a foray that not only lines up with her image of being a fashionista, but also contributes to the society. Kay Beauty, launched by Katrina Kaif and Nykaa, is a beauty line that will give its customers a complimentary handcrafted pencil — made by women from rural backgrounds — with every lip product purchase.

1. You recently launched Kay Beauty with the message of #MakeupThatKares. Tell us the story behind it, and what inspired you to take it up?

Ever since we first thought of creating Kay Beauty, there was always a plan to find ways for the brand to give back to the community. This is where our #Kare initiative comes in. They will support different causes that help build for a beautiful tomorrow. We are very proud to announce our first #Kare association with the De’haat Foundation.

2. The #Kare initiative by Nykaa is unique for its philanthropic nature of empowering rural women. How relevant do you think such an initiative is in the current times?

De’haat’s most important work is their focus on providing livelihood rather than aid. The founder, Vrundan Bawankar, is working with rural women to help build skill, and long-term employment so they can support their family.

3. Vegan beauty products, especially with respect to animal-testing, are picking pace. How does Kay Beauty fit into this?

All Kay Beauty products are cruelty and paraben free. It is also #MakeupThatKares, as we spoke about earlier. This means that every product is enriched with a ‘good-for-you’ ingredient, like Marula Oil, Chamomile,and etc., that nourishes skin.

4. With sustainability and being conscious on the rise, how do you think beauty brands can contribute towards it?

Awareness is key for the entire industry. We need to look at the whole process: from packaging, to production, to ingredients, and delivery.

5. It’s not unknown that the life of an actor is stressful and draining. How do you ensure the same does not reflect on your skin?

That’s actually one of the reasons I launched Kay Beauty! With my hectic schedule, being under harsh lights, and constant travel, I wanted a beauty product that would look great while also caring for my skin. Also, as everyone knows, I make sure I take care of my body by eating well and exercising every day.

6. You’ve travelled the world for shoots and tours, which place do you think is underrated and deserves more attention by travellers? What, according to you, makes this place unique?

I think Havana in Cuba. The place has a unique vibe of its own. The people are so warm, and the colorful city will make you fall in love [with it].

7. While growing up, a chunk of your formative years were spent travelling from one country to another. How do you think that has shaped you as a person today, and do you see any influences of these travels in your work?

It has made me extremely confident. And, it’s great to explore all these diverse cultures each country has to offer.

8. Being a woman, have you faced any hardships while travelling?

I haven’t faced any hardships personally, except losing my luggage. I am paranoid about losing my luggage. It has happened to me a few times, and it certainly doesn’t help that I don’t travel light! That apart, being careful and alert is a primary concern.

9. What would you say to girls out there who would like to travel the world, but are afraid to do so because she has been told “she’s just a woman“?

Just be confident. Explore, and be alert. Being a solo woman traveller is empowering.

10. If you had to spend your life in one city (not from India), where would you pick and why?

London, always.

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