Kandima Maldives’ New Virtual Experience Is The Dream Escape You Need RN!

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While the way we live, work and travel may never be the same again, Kandima Maldives is virtually bringing us extraordinary experiences from one of the world’s favourite island nation, the Maldives. By Amitha Ameen

The Maldives is undoubtedly one of those destinations, that makes it to and stays on everyone’s travel list. With its azure beaches, private islands, and rich marine life, there are few other places that come close to what the island nation located in the Arabian ocean has on offer.

Kandima Maldives has launched the first-ever fully immersive virtual platform that’ll allow you to take on interactive digital tours through the island from the comfort of your home. With travel restrictions easing and the island slated to reopen to tourists in the month of July, the immersive virtual experience couldn’t have come at a better time.

Simply because, travellers will be more wary and eager to know more about the place they are visiting and plan their long-awaited vacation more carefully, and Kandima Maldives’ Digitally Immersive Virtual Experiences (D.I.V.E) helps travellers do just that.

D.I.V.E is a multi-sensory journey through an interactive 360° virtual world that engages with visitors to a whole new level. Journey through the exotic three-kilometre long affordable tropical paradise of the resort with a multi-dimensional sound experience.

With one of the longest outdoor pools in the Maldives, snow-white beaches, clear blue waters, and much more on offer, this virtual experience by Kandima will leave you occupied for days.

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