Here’s Why Kalank, The Movie, Is Going To Be A Treat For Travellers

Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan’s upcoming movie, Kalank, has already started creating buzz on social media, but what enthralled us are the locations shown in the trailer. This movie will take us on a trip around the royal spots of India. By Japleen Kaur

Going by the two-minute video, one thing’s for sure — Karan Johar has got his A-game on. Gorgeous costumes, intense acting skills and to top it all, lavish sets. Now, major palatial shots were created in Mumbai but some outdoor sequences were shot in different parts of India.

The much-anticipated dance sequence by Alia is shot in all its grandeur in Gwalior. Lined with temples and forts, to set a period drama against this backdrop was a brilliant idea. If you plan to go there you’ll see the finest of MP’s historical marvels.

Most of Varun’s scenes are shot in Kargil. Barren brown lands as far as the eye can see, and mountain ranges surrounding it on all sides, Kalank would be a visual treat for mountain lovers. The scene from the trailer where Sonakshi Sinha (guessing that’s her) is running with a kite towards the mountain ranges has our hearts skipping a beat for sure.

Coming back to the plains, the movie is also shot in yet another city of Madhya Pradesh, Indore. MP tourism is going to get a great boost post the release of the movie on April 17.

Parts of the movie locales are also from Hyderabad. The Nawabi destination adds to the charm and plot of the movie.

So what’s your pick from all these places?

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