#TnlSalutes Juicy Chemistry For Distributing Sanitisers To Frontliners During COVID-19

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Juicy Chemistry distributes sanitisers, soaps and handwash to sanitation workers, essential service providers, and stranded migrants, during COVID-19. By Tanvi Jain

Organic wellness brand Juicy Chemistry has been distributing sanitisers, soaps and handwash to sanitation workers, essential service providers, stranded migrants and others in need 

“With timely guidance from the authorities, we were able to build our manufacturing facility and also commence operations for the manufacturing of sanitisers. Our first batch of sanitisers are now ready and being made available to our frontline work force,” Juicy Chemistry had tweeted last month. 

In order to make it possible, the brand not only managed to get the license and other required clearances from the Drug Authority of India but also set up 600-square-feet manufacturing facility for the same. It even sought special permission from local collectorate’s office to get all the exhaustive paperwork in place despite the lockdown 

We put a task force together led by our manager, Daniel to get all the necessary clearances and set up the 600-square-feet manufacturing facility, up and running as quickly as possible. By the time we had our application and documents in place, the lockdown was announced and we couldn’t process our documents. With special permission granted by the local collectorate’s office we continued to run pillar to post to get all the exhaustive paperwork in place,” the tweet further said. 

In an attempt to contribute to the frontliners involved in the fight against COVID-19, the company, had initially started with distributing soaps and handwash, and with time, moved to sanitisers, considering its rising demand and acute shortage. 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many luxury hotel chains, restaurantsand other beauty and wellness brands, have come forward to contribute in the fight against Coronavirus, by offering, rooms, beds, personal protective equipment, food, ration, sanitisers, masks, etc., to frontliners risking their lives in order to flatten the curve. 

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