#TnlBookClub: These Travel Books Will Take You On A Journey Across India

Journey across India through these books that shed light on the intriguing history, culinary landscape, and vibrant culture of the country. By Amitha Ameen

1. In Light Of India
Octavio Paz

In Light of India traces author Octavio Paz’s life and time in India, and celebrates his love for the country. Having lived here for six years as Mexico’s Ambassador to India, Paz’s work of prose is a fascinating narration of his take and experience of the country’s extraodrinary people, its diverse culture, and the breathtaking landscape. PRICE INR 1,249/USD18 AVAILABLE ON penguin.com

2. The Women Who Ruled India
Archana Garodia Gupta

Writer and researcher Archana Garodia Gupta’s efforts to keep Indian history as inclusive as possible is what resulted in The Women Who Ruled India. The book gives insights into the lives of women from the past and brings to the forefront their fearless personalities that shaped the fate of many kingdoms here. PRICE INR 325/USD5 AVAILABLE ON amazon.in

3. India: A Portrait
Patrick French

Termed ‘an aspirational tragicomedy’ by The New York Times, this biography of the subcontinent is divided into three parts—politics, economy, and culture. A book that serves as an interesting portrait of modern India, it is an ideal pick for those who are completely new to the country and wish to explore India beyond its complexities. PRICE INR 896/USD13 AVAILABLE ON amazon.in

4. Tiffin: 500 Authentic Recipes Celebrating India’s Regional Cuisine
Sonal Ved

The best way to understand India is through its diverse flavours. Explore the vast scope of Indian cooking with this elaborate work by Sonal Ved. A collection of tried and tested regional recipes drawn from the streets of India and curated by renowned chefs, takes us on a gastronomical tour of the country. PRICE INR 1,387/USD19 AVAILABLE ON flipkart.com

5. Singing Gandhi’s India: Music And Sonic Nationalism
Lakshmi Subramanian

This book urges you to perceive Mahatma Gandhi as more than just ‘the father of the nation.’ The author throws light on Gandhi’s relationship with music, gives a unique perspective on the social and political issues of the country, and discusses the role of music in India’s independence. PRICE INR 411/USD6 AVAILABLE ON amazon.in

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