Jiva Spa at the Taj Palace, New Delhi, is a haven of peace and offers some of the most luxurious spa treatments in the capital city. By Aindrila Mitra

Jiva Spa
Jiva Spa at Taj Palace, New Delhi is spread over 13,000 square feet.

When you’ve had a frenetic week, the perfect icing to kick off the weekend is a blissful session of R&R. I head to the Jiva Spa at Taj Palace, New Delhi on a Friday evening. Spread over 13,000 square feet, it houses a host of treatment rooms, yoga studio, a fitness centre, salon and a vitality pool. After a quick consultation, the spa manager recommends Sushupti—a two-hour treatment for deep relaxation. I readily oblige. After a cup of detox tea made with honey, jaggery and lemon, I am introduced to my therapist, Pema. She’s from Bhutan and has been with Jiva for the past two years. As she guides me to my treatment room, a sense of calm engulfs.

Jiva Spa
The architecture of the spa is simple, yet luxe

My treatment starts with an aromatic footbath comprising ajwain, ashwagandha and lime oil. The essence is strong, but I instantly feel at ease. I lie down for a quick massage following which Pema applies a wrap made of 22 herbs including green gram flour, honey and fresh cream. The wrap needs to dry, so I relax myself on the bed mummified with it. The DNA of Jiva’s carefully curated treatments is drawn from India’s ancient heritage when it comes to wellness and healing. The products used here are all natural. The architecture of the spa and the treatment rooms is simple, yet luxe, and the ambience created by the luring fragrance and sound is tranquil. I doze off with the scrub on me, and 20 minutes later, Pema wakes me up to experience what would be a first in my life—a warm shower in milk enhanced with rose essence and rose petals. While the thought of Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, having a milk bath chases my mind all along, I realise the real reasons now. Milk contains lactic acid, which breaks down dead skin cells allowing the skin to rejuvenate, resulting in healthier, moisturised and younger-looking skin.

Jiva Spa
The treatment rooms are comfortable.

After my milk bath, Pema escorts me for a one- hour deep-tissue massage—one that I am looking forward to the most. My shoulder and lower back knots need some serious detangling and the masseuse is well equipped. After finishing my body massage with ashwagandha and cinnamon oil, Pema moves to my head. A heavenly scalp massage with neem oil does the trick. I am in deep slumber by now. She rounds up the treatment with a facial massage. When I wake up, I feel rejuvenated, and walk out feeling like a queen. tajhotels.com

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