Good news, fellow travellers! The revolutionary Jet Candy Plane Remedy is here to make your long-haul flights a breeze minus any jet lag! Air travel is never going to be the same again. By Sushmita Srivastav

Jet Candy for Jet Lagged

With the launch of the bio-regulatory, all-natural, and revolutionary Jet Candy, it seems the golden era of painless air travel has finally begun. After 10 years of supplying of this secret to happy long-haul travels without jet lag to a very niche clique, Jet Candy Plane Remedy is finally out for the travel-weary flyers worldwide.

Handmade to a 100 percent homeopathic remedy, each of the 100 pills allows the internal body clock to function properly during long flights, and help with dehydration, fatigue, disorientation, mental sharpness and other issues one faces due to the disruption of the circadian rhythms. The remedy comes in a handy travel-sized dispenser with a practical pill distributor cap, and each bottle costs around £19.99 (INR 1,757).

Jet Candy for Jet Lagged

The ingredients profile is as follows


General fatigue due to the shock to the system from flying, aching limbs, venous stasis, sleeplessness when overtired or drowsy.


Venous congestion preventing DVT, physical soreness from sitting.


Ailments from loss of sleep, drowsiness, yawning, headache, vertigo and travel sickness from motion.


Anticipatory anxiety, fear of flying, trembling, drowsiness, insomnia from exhaustion.


Ailments from plane travel, cracking in ears with change in pressure, nausea especially from engine fumes, sleepiness with restless dreams.

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