The crystal blue waters and spotless white sand beaches of this beautiful island of Ishigaki in Japan is the most recent find by globetrotters. Go now before it gets crowded.  By Payal Das


The island of Ishigaki has capped TripAdvisor’s ‘Destinations On The Rise List’. It was registered as the biggest year-over-year positive review ratings, search and booking growth in the year to 2017, according to the travel site. The population of the 229sq km island is about 48,000 and is at a stone throw distance from the main Okinawa airport, Naha. The island lies within the City of Ishigaki in Okinawa Prefecture. The city works as the business transport centre archipelago. The New Ishigaki Airport, which is the largest airport in the Yaeyamas will lead you to the city. It overpowered the town of Kapaa on the Hawaiian island of Kauai which held the second position of emerging destinations.


Ishigaki island

The different shades of blue, the spirited green tress, the pearl white sand makes the enclave look like a painting. Unlike the name which means “stone wall” Ishigaki is surrounded by water, sandy beaches and coral reefs. If you are a diving fanatic, this place should be your next escape.


Ishigaki island

Not only does the island hold a picturesque view but it also excels in food. It has a very different cuisine from the rest of Japan. Ishigaki is popular for its soba noodles which is called Yaeyama soba, made of flour instead of the traditional buckwheat. The Japanese travellers have been visiting the travel spot for fancy-fish spotting for years now. Another delicacy of this island is the Tonsoku (pigs feet).

If you want to get away from the hustle bustle of your life, this tropical paradise should be your go-to destination.