If you are heading to Japan between June-August, be prepared to come across sprawling fields that look like they are covered by a lavender-coloured carpet. Japan’s second largest island, Hokkaido, sees a burst of lavender flower blooms during this time, making this gorgeous sight worth travelling to! By Amitha Ameen

Japan lavender fields Hokkaido Furano
Photo Credit: Instagram: hellohokkaido

Just when hues of blue, purple, and white of Hydrangea flowers start to fade away, the Furano ‘flower’ valley, as it is rightly called, turns into a dreamy lavender oasis. A popular herb, lavender is extensively used for its fragrance and calming properties. Now, imagine standing by a valley covered on all sides by lavender flowers. Talk about a zen state, right?

Japan lavender fields Hokkaido Furano
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Hokkaido turns from a snow-covered island in the winters to a carpet of flowers during the summer months. The flowers usually blossom during the last week of June until the month of August. There are a number of farms in Hokkaido that present extremely distinguishing experiences for travellers to choose from.

Farm Tomita, is known to be the most outstanding lavender field in the entire Hokkaido region thanks to scenic views of Tokachi mountain range being an additional bonus. The farm is also credited with reviving lavender tourism in the region. A photographer’s paradise, the fields also have a host of cute cafes and shops where travellers can indulge in and choose from a wide range of lavender-based products. If you are a sucker for sweets, we highly recommend the Lavender soft serve ice-cream.

Japan lavender fields Hokkaido Furano
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To enjoy a panoramic aerial view, travellers can head to the Choei Lavender Farm and hop onto the ski lifts. The Lavender East farm, the largest farm in Furano, offers guided open tour buses. Observation decks in the midst of thousands of lavender blooms at Hinode provide an altogether different experience of viewing the lavender fields.

If you are not too spellbound by the fields and have spare time on your hands, hop onto the Furano Biei Norokko Train that passes through and gives you charming views of the towns of Furano and Biei.

Japan lavender fields Hokkaido Furano
Photo Credit: Instagram: huku_huku

Japan, is fast becoming a favourite destination for Indian travellers. From the famous cherry blossoms to their distinctive culture and now their breathtaking lavender fields, Japan has witnessed a whopping 77,600 number of travellers visiting this diverse country.

If this doesn’t inspire you to book your tickets to Japan right now, we don’t know what will!

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