Every year, the Jaipur Literature Festival hosts an amazing mix of some of the world’s leading figures all on one stage to champion the freedom of expression. The 2019 instalment has already started, but it’s not too late for you to make an entrance.  

If your love for the written word has you planning an impromptu visit to the fest, then this list is all you’re going to need. From properties with tree-houses, to homes with personal libraries and peaceful reading nooks—there’s a place for everyone. 

1. Luxury Holiday Home:

Jaipur Literature Festival

Escape reality—both literally and figuratively—by visiting this getaway that has a tree-house with a sofa for avid readers to sink into. 

2. Little Palace:  

Jaipur Literature Festival

Sunshine streaming in, cups of piping hot tea and some reading by the garden are all you need to beat the winter blues. This house is a bibliophile’s dream come true.

3. Gerua Pinkcity Abode:

Jaipur Literature Festival

Replete with culturally rich architectural takeaways, ‘Gerua’ is located amidst the bustle of the city and will have you travelling through time. Fuel your love for words in this luxurious literary retreat. 

4. The Artist’s Studio:

Jaipur Literature Festival

Stay in this sculptor’s studio that’s been turned into a beautiful bedroom. Designed by artist Tarpan Patel, it is artistic and elegant, with sculptures, paintings, and antiques. Centrally located, it’s one of the best places in Jaipur. 

5. Winter Garden: 

Jaipur Literature Festival

This peaceful and serene place is artistic and elegant, with plants, sculptures, paintings, antiques and creatively designed interiors. 

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