Oh, Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! You may have seen this madcap city through Hollywood’s lens in multiple movies, but there’s nothing as exciting and thrilling as real, lived experience. So, put your party hat on and your adrenaline levels sky high for this is no city for the faint-hearted! By Shubhanjana Das

Day 1

Madame Tussauds

What’s a trip to Vegas if you don’t visit Madame Tussauds? It’s probably the closest you’ll get to hanging out with the stars and having a picture with each of them! This makes for a great start to what will be an action-filled day! “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!”

The Strip

It won’t be too long after you enter Las Vegas that you’ll come across the city’s ever-so-bustling Strip, which can safely be called the artery of the Vegas. Every important landmark in Las Vegas can be seen at The Strip, including Bellagio Fountains, the Eiffel Tower at Paris, Las Vegas, the pyramid and sphinx belonging to The Luxor and The Venetian’s Grand Canal.

The Venetian Casino and Grand Canal

If you ever find yourself thinking ‘what is it that Vegas isn’t good at?’, we’re sure you would end up with a ‘nothing’ as an answer. You can even find a piece of Venice here without having to cross the Atlantic at the The Venetian Casino and Grand Canal that replicates Venice with the extravaganza of the gondola rides along the Grand canal. The Streetmosphere here brings alive the streets of Venice with the help of street performers, artists, Singers, stilt walkers and etc.

Day 2

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• Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden 🦁 O espaço é destinado aos amantes de causas ambientais ou a qualquer um que tenha amor pelos animais. O jardim leva um verdadeiro refúgio aos olhos e sentidos em meio ao deserto. Abriga alguns dos felinos mais raros do mundo, como os leões e tigres brancos, além de um leopardo da neve e uma pantera. Em meio a um cenário de cachoeiras e palmeiras, há vitrines informativas para a compreensão e conscientização sobre os animais habitantes do espaço. Foi tranquilizante sentir o quão comprometida é a equipe do jardim com a saúde e o bem-estar das espécies selvagens. Há uma visível preocupação com o saudável mantimento dos laços humano-animais sem, entretanto, prejudicar a sustentabilidade do ecossistema.

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Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

Nothing like starting your day in this city, which tends to get overwhelmingly energetic with a tranquil walk in the company of some of the most exotic animals in the likes of white lions and leopards and of course, the bottlenose dolphins in their Dolphin Habitat. Make this an absolute must-visit, especially if you’re on a family vacation with your family.

Las Vegas Monorail

Come midday, hop on to the 3.9 mile-long Las Vegas monorail. This is a very interesting perspective to look at the city. It takes you around the many attractions in The Strip and to other locations as well. Basically, it’s a pass to every major place worth visiting in Las Vegas! What a win-win offer!


This one’s an adult-only show, which has been rated ‘The Greatest Show’ in Las Vegas History. Bringing back the old-world glamour interspersed with some cabaret, acrobatics, raunchy comedy and circus-style tricks. Absinthe puts all the 19th-century signature pomp and show on a silver platter for its audience.

Day 3

High Roller

Get high on the Vegas life and its gorgeous skyline with the High Roller, the world’s tallest observation wheel. Half an hour on this wheel and you’ll have pictures of downtown Las Vegas from every angle possible!

The Mob Museum

For a lasting impression on your last day here in the Sin City, visit The Mob Museum, which not only sheds light on but proudly highlights and exhibits the dark 20th century gangster era of Las Vegas. The museum immortalises both the perpetrator and the justice-bringer. You may come across names such as Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel and John Gotti and the G-men and FBI agents like J. Edgar Hoover, Eliot Ness and Harry Anslinger.

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The #BellagioCasino was founded by #SteveWynn in the early 1990s. Not yet an art collector, Wynn developed the casino around the idea of a Count and Countess Bellagio who migrated to Nevada in the 1870s bringing with them a banking and hotel fortune. The #BellagioArtGallery grew naturally from this narrative, with the family having sequestered their fictive inter-generational wealth in a feast of Impressionist and early Modern masterpieces. To assist with this, Wynn was introduced to #BillAcquavella of #AcquavellaGalleries. Enabled by casino cash reserves and a rising art market, Wynn’s art investments on behalf of the Bellagio have often proved highly profitable. A frequent trader he has bought and sold to the point that now, following his #metoo scandal, he will pursue this full time with Sierra Fine Art – an online sales platform for top pieces by #Picasso and #Warhol among others – worth a quick visit to sierrafineartllc.com (Dm @art.in.the.home for the discount code). Seen here in an early install at the Bellagio are works by #VanGogh #Gauguin and #Redon mainly bought at auction on the advise of Acquavella. #ArtInTheCasino #LivingWithArt

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Bellagio Casino and Fountains

Las Vegas shows you how OTT extravagance is done. So, why not end it with some glitz and glamour (or lots of it)? The Bellagio is the one-stop solution for everything that shines and is probably gold. Everything will be laid out in front of you for a price. If there could be an epitome of the Vegas ‘trip’, Bellagio would be it.

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