Actor Saqib Saleem was in Armenia recently. He talks about why the country is so special and his travel bucket list.

What took you to Armenia recently?
It was my sister’s (Huma Qureshi) birthday and we were going through some beautiful pictures of Armenia, so we decided to have her birthday there this year.
What is that one spot in Armenia you became emotionally attached to, in terms of its beauty or cultural significance?
Lake Sevan.
Saqib saleem
What are your absolute travel essentials?
I always carry at least 4 colognes even if it’s a two day trip, my headphones these days are my airpods, and if I am going on a holiday I always pick up a book from the book store at the airport.
What’s your go-to health regime on a trip?
[When I travel] and I go out late night and eat a lot of junk,  I make sure that the next morning I always work out. It’s just 30–45mins minutes that one has to take out in a day for exercise. Run a little, do some cardio, some stretches, and some pull ups which is just basic [when you’re on a holiday].
saqib saleem
What’s the craziest thing you have done on a trip?
The craziest thing would be at Yell Park in Armenia where I went zip lining like six times and off-roading after that.
Top three destinations on your travel bucketlist?
I haven’t been to Australia, Spain and Amsterdam. So, yes I  would like to go to these places.
Do you like travelling solo or in a group and why?
I only travel in groups, I can’t travel solo; I have this fear that I will get bored.
But I want to try a solo trip.
saqib saleem
If given a chance to live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live and why?
London, I just love everything over there — from the street artists to the food.
What’s that one advice you’d want to give on experiencing a destination in the best possible way?
Do a little research before you go to the place, get some basic information about the country. The best way to travel is by foot, just walk; google map things, find your own places, and speak to the local people. It is always nice to converse with people while you are travelling.