The uniqueness level of these cafes will leave you both amazed as well as confused, but we bet your inner conscience will beg you to pay a visit at least once. Check out the top 10 interesting cafes around the world. By Smrithi Suresh

Interesting cafes around the world

1. The Laundromat Café – Copenhagen, Denmark


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Can you imagine washing your clothes, drying them, whilst enjoying a freshly brewed cuppa? Yes, the Laundromat Café in Denmark offers American-styled brunch, games and books to keep you occupied, while your clothes are being washed and dried. This café was formerly just an old laundromat but was later turned into a famous hangout spot, to catch up with friends over coffee while getting your clothes cleaned.

2. Poop Café – Toronto, Canada


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This washroom-themed dessert bar serves tasty food in toilet-themed mugs, bowls and mini bathtubs. The whole café is filled with poop décor and has chairs made of old toilet seats. They offer an amazing range of Asian desserts — from gelato to bubble-teas. A visit to this café might change your perspective towards the swirl emojis and leave you with an unforgettable experience.

3. Sweat Shop-Café Couture — Paris, France 

Sweat Shop is a tiny café in Paris that allows you to hire sewing machines and stitch garments while sipping espresso or eating cakes. They conduct workshops to teach customers how to sew, knit and do crochet. Many tourists and fashion students come to this café, to have conversations about the craft over a steaming cup of rich coffee.

4. Pop Cereal Café – Lisbon, Portugal


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Pop Cereal Café is a hipster café in Portugal that offers 100 different varieties of cereals to choose from; you can create a customised bowl with your choice of toppings and milk. Itdécor and the interesting menu will take you back to your childhood days. This café is indeed a paradise for any cereal enthusiast and is ideal for spending an afternoon comfortably with friends.

5. Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 – Seoul, South Korea


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Have you ever seen a place that looks just like a world of cartoons? This café in Seoul is designed to look like a two-dimensional cartoon location. Every object here including the furniture and the walls look like flatline drawings, thanks to the optical illusion. Café Yeonnam-dong 239-20’s exemplary theme is perfect to click cool pictures for your Instagram feed! Do not forget to try their famous latte varieties.

6. Chillout Ice Lounge – Dubai, UAE


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Chillout Ice Lounge, as the name suggests, has an illuminating interior with tables, seating and sculpturescompletely made out of ice. The cafe, of course, provides you with all the necessary clothing and materials required to enter the ‘cool’ lounge. For dessert lovers, the menu has many delectable dessert and confectionery options to choose from. It also serves hot soups, coffee and tea to keep you warm in the cool temperatures. When in Dubai, a visit to this lounge will give you a break from the heat.

7. AkibaFukurou– Tokyo, Japan 


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Tokyo has a lot of sensational cafes that allow guests to play with animals like dogs, cats and fishes. But have you ever played with an owl in a cafe? Akiba Fukurou allows you to spend time with owls as you enjoy your food. The crystal chandeliers and the classical music playing in the background will make your visit to the café all the more worthwhile. You can touch, hold and click pictures with any of the 20 owls from the café. However, it allows only a limited number of customers at a time, soits important to make a reservation in advance.

8. Unicorn Café – Bangkok, Thailand


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Unicorn café in Thailand is a heaven for people who love unicorns and vibrant coloursIt provides unicorn onesies on rent and also offers rainbow-coloured cake and desserts, which you can enjoy while being surrounded by a number of unicorn plushies. The walls and the shelves are also covered with unicorn designs, which makes the café Instagram-worthy. It also has a tiny shop where you can purchase unicorn merchandise.

9. HR Giger Bar – Chur, Switzerland


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This café is a must-visit for people who are crazy about aliens. The Oscar prize winner HR Giger designed this bar with furniture, lamps and walls resembling skeletons and vertebrae of aliens. A visit to this café will straight away transport you to the movie — Alien — because of its inspired interior theme. The whole concept of this café is to make you feel like you’re in a spaceship as you dine.

10. Disaster Café – Girona, Spain

When an earthquake occurs, we usually run for our lives, but at the Disaster Café, you can pay to experience a simulated earthquake while having your meal. The earthquake measures to 7.8 on the Richter scale and this dining experience is not advisable for faint-hearted foodies. The place has a cave-like structure with the staff dressed in safety equipment. This could turn out to be a memorable dining experience if you are a sucker for adventures. 

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