This European city offers much more than the beautiful canals its famed for. Every little criss-crossing through the canals, the lush green parks, and new-age cafés and dessert shops make Amsterdam just a little more loveable. And, a lot more Insta-worthy. After all, if your vacation didn’t make it to the ‘gram, did you even vacay?’ By Karishma Sakhrani

The Canals at the Nine Streets

I found myself walking through Amsterdam’s ‘Nine Streets’ every other day. The Nine Streets are a picturesque set of streets that offer the most dramatic backdrops to take that mandatory photo against the grand canals. Your stroll around the area will be enlivened with an endless row of coffee shops, boutiques and picturesque photo ops.

Amsterdam’s Narrow Gabled Houses

There’s something undeniably quaint about Amsterdam’s narrow houses. I got the most beautiful pictures by Damrak, which is the original mouth of the the Amstel river and lies between Amsterdam Central Station and Dam Square. The gingerbread houses backing this area are some of Amsterdam’s most picturesque. Don’t forget to have the famous fries from Vlaamse Frites when you go here!

Vondel Park

This green oasis in the heart of the city is the perfect place to set up an Instagrammable picnic and then enjoy it – while you catch up with your feed of course. Or, maybe just give in to the tranquil moment and let go of your phone for a change.

The Rijksmuseum Library

Take a leaf out of the hypothetical ‘How to be an Instagrammer!’ book and visit the library at The Rijksmuseum and create some serious feed goals. Apart from the photo ops, it’s one of the most spellbinding museums you will ever visit. Win-win!


Because, being Instafamous is enough or is not, you’ll want to take a picture on this bench with the quirky wall art that’s part of the Wall Gallery in De Pijp. Housed in an equally grammable neighbourhood that’s brimming with boutiques and cafés, it’s definitely worth the trip. Just steps away is the famed Albert Cuyp market that’s bustling every day (except Sundays) until 5 pm where you can score some amazing local Dutch cheese, stroopwafels, the best falafel and plenty more beyond just good food.


Several trendy, made-for-Instagram cafés have been sprouting all over Amsterdam. Since, there are more than you’ll be able to cover in a single visit, sharing my top favourite – The Avocado Show and Vegan Junk Food Bar (even if you’re not vegan, you’ll LOVE it). The cafés tick off all the boxes dishing up photogenic plates of delicious food in well-designed spaces.


The ginormous candy-studded fresh stroopwafels from Van Wonderen Stroopwafels are sure to get double tapped. Worth the wait and definitely worth carefully carrying across to the nearest canal and getting the money shot! And, because once won’t be enough, a trip to Albert Cuyp market should also feature on the itinerary where you can buy classic, fresh stroopwafels! They also sell packaged versions you can bring home as souvenirs to savour long after the holiday. ‘Cause sometimes a photo just isn’t enough. Or, is it?

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