The golden period for travel is now and social media platform, Instagram, plays a huge role in that. How you ask? Gone are the days when people turned to brochures and websites to plan their holidays. Nowadays, anyone with a working internet connection looks to Instagram and their favourite travel bloggers for that holiday inspo. We picked our favourite Insta travel bloggers who’re sure to fuel the wanderlust in you. By Amitha Ameen

1. Eva Zubeck a.k.a @evazubeck

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Earlier this year, I got a chance to visit the magical Yemeni island of Socotra. It’s a place that’s extremely isolated, difficult to reach and otherworldly in its landscapes. Today, I would like to dedicate a moment to Ahmed (alternatively spelled Hamid, though he was a man of ambiguous name and ambiguous age). To me, he was the Real Robinson Crusoe – and in my YouTube vlog about him, I showed his life on a remote beach in Socotra, where he lived alone in a self-built set of shacks, herding his goats and fishing. When we visited his remote home, which took us 2 hours to reach on a tiny semi-sinking boat, he walked for over an hour to fetch us fresh water, served us freshly caught fish and showed us around his home like we were family. Despite living alone, he said he loved welcoming guests and proudly showed off a Polaroid snap a foreign visitor had taken of him some time prior. Ahmed passed away just the other day. I received news of his passing on a sunny Sunday morning in Mexico City, but at that second, I felt a connection run across the entire world and pinch me in the heart. Everyone goes, at some point in their lives, but he really seemed eternal. His presence seemed carved into the island like the rocks that surrounded his modest home. It’s hard to believe that none of you will get to meet this larger-than-life man. I don’t know who – if anyone – will take over the shelter that he built his entire life on Shoab Beach. Perhaps this is also the end of that chapter. Not a day goes by that I don’t think back to Socotra, and I can’t wait to see it again in 2020. Photos: drone selfies. Pics 2 & 3 are from Shoab Beach, where Ahmed lived.

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This Polish national started her journey of documenting her travels online in 2018. But from then, the travel blogger has reached far and wide with her soul-filled Instagram posts and videos. Zubeck began to gain popularity after her posts from Pakistan where the vlogger stayed for almost a year. From there this Oxford graduate has travelled to the most remote corners of the world, all while taking her followers along, which by the way, are at a whopping 400k. For offbeat and stunning destinations that are sure to take your breath away, Zubeck is your go-to girl.

2. Larissa D’sa a.k.a @larissa_wlc

With a colourful personality and even more colourful Instagram feed, Larissa has managed to amass 387k followers, thanks to her unique and interesting photo and video skills. The self-taught creator is also an official GoPro ambassador. From India to International, the influencer covers it all with her unique and welcoming personality. Her perfectly timed shots and real recommendations have allowed her to sweep her audience off their feet.

3. Lauren Bullen a.k.a @gypsea_lust

Australian born Lauren Bullen is one of the OG influencers who started the trend of Insta travel. Having a cool 2.1 million followers, Bullen has changed the way many of us view Instagram as a platform for travel inspiration. From Kenya to Tokyo, and Bali to India — there aren’t many places this incredibly talented travel blogger hasn’t travelled to.

4. Abhinav Chandel a.k.a @abhiandnow

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I sometimes wonder why do we have to go through Mondays in our life, why do we dread them so much that whenever one arrives we are talking about them. And often I come across the same answer, that this is the beginning of the week and another chance to leave on a new adventure. And back in the day, when I had just quit office going jobs, and became a freelancer, I always used to leave on trips on Monday or used to start writing blog posts early on a Monday morning, slowly making myself feel that what I love doing is somewhere a job too, where I’m working towards ensuring that my life has memorable parts. The salary used to be happiness, the memories I gained on the way, all the new friendships, the stories I heard, the good food I ate, the amazing sceneries I saw, the peace I felt while writing those words down. And the more it happened, the more I was able to engineer my mind into accepting that there’s nothing wrong in turning what you love, or what’s your hobby, into something that you can call a profession. And once I was absolutely happy doing what I was doing in Mondays, it started reflecting in my work, which I used to put on social media without any monetary return of any kind, and the more my work improved, the more it started generating me opportunities to earn through what I love. And over the years, a small move of being a rebel by leaving on trips on Monday just helped me rewire my brain into making what I loved doing as an escape, my profession. And so I urge you, that today start with something, any small thing that brings happiness to you, start with your own small adventure on Monday, and it doesn’t have to be leaving on a trip, but it can be anything that can be given an hour out of your day. And continue with it through the weekdays, and watch yourself blossom, as you will stop taking it as an escape, but start believing in it as real work where your salary is your happiness and peace. Try looking at your Mondays a little differently, from here one.

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He lights up our feed with his artsy pictures and deep captions. Having shifted his base to the mountains, this travel photographer shows his followers the realities of living in the hills, an idea many of us have pondered upon. Almost every picture in Chandel’s feed has a story to tell, inspiring his 128k followers to take that trip to the hills.

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