Not only do we have the music on loop, we love these videos because of how they inspire us to travel. By Rashima Nagpal

Rise ft. Jack & Jack by Jonas Blue

Shot in Lisbon, the video celebrates the carefree-spirit of a young group of friends. The lively visual and the inspiring lyrics together evoke feelings of unity, friendship, and a passion to succeed. Released in June this year, it surged to number #1 on the UK dance Shazam chart, stormed into the Top 15 of the iTunes Chart, was named Radio 1’s Tune of The Weekend, features on Spotify’s popular Hot Hits UK, and has gathered over a hundred and sixty nine million views on YouTube! There is something contagious about it.

Indian Summer by Jai Wolf

We bet this combination of a soothing track by Jai Wolf and his travels will inspire you to go out camping in the woods, right now. Sajeeb Saha, professionally known as Jai Wolf, a New York-based electronic music producer, is the man behind this beautiful soundtrack, while the actor featured as the backpacker here is Assad Keval. Andrew Donoho presents the ultimate road trip video for Jai Wolf’s Indian Summer, in which Andrew and a small screw scaled across the landscapes of Southern California to capture this travel piece.


Paris in the Rain by Lauv

Did you know that the inspiration behind the song Paris in the Rain by Lauv is Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris? Although its music video, directed by Chase Smith, doesn’t feature any but one location, a spot on a highway with the signboard of Paris, the song does evoke the feeling of being in Paris in the rain. Also, singer Ari Leff, nicknamed Lauv, pulls off quite a few moves in this one.


Clarity by John Mayer

Often, one of the by-products of travelling is clarity – of ourselves and the world around us. This John Mayer song and video is a representation of just that. Directed by Director X, it was filmed on the Santa Monica Pier and the Pacific Coast Highway in California. A convertible, a long drive, the ocean breeze, being surrounded by strangers, the sunset – it aptly connects with the feelings of a wanderer.


The Nights by Avicii

“One day you’ll leave this world behind. So, live a life you will remember.” The spirit of this buzzing music video truly comes alive in this one line and makes a serious case for wanderlust. Another great music video by Rory Kramer, it features various thrilling activities around the world, from jet-skiing and diving off cliffs to bungee jumping and ‘air surfing’ on top of a car. While Grammy-nominated Swedish DJ and producer Avicii is sadly gone, his music will always be with us.


Someday by Passenger

Produced and directed by Jarrad Sen, featuring musician Michael David Rosenberg, better known by his stage name Passenger, this music video relates to anybody who yearns to be “somewhere out upon the beach, out of range and out of reach, with the truest love, underneath the bluest sky…” Both the sound and visual of this video are for the romantics with a penchant for travel.


Up & Up by Coldplay

There’s something about Coldplay and all its music videos that exudes a dreamy and charming aura; the credit goes to Creative Director Phil Harvey, without a doubt. High on a travel quotient is their Up & Up, directed by Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia. The surrealism in this music video—from the turtles flying in a subway and a giant bird swimming underneath the sea to flowers taller than skyscrapers—is too strong to hold you back.