5 Most Inspiring Cafes Around The World For The Modern-Day Dandy

The general consensus goes that the youth of today who is often compared to a modern-day dandy or a flaneur, would not hesitate spending hours at the local cafe, people-watching, contemplating, and just being in the moment. For all that soul-searching to happen and for the inspiration to hit you ever so gently, we have come up with a few cafes around the world that, according to our opinion, would be great for you to finally find your soul, or maybe a good cuppa and some great company. Whichever works best for you. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Koi Cafe, Hanoi, Vietnam

No surprises on how this incredibly and smartly designed cafe in Vietnam’s capital got its name — from the colourful koi carp that swim on the underground tank on the ground floor. With an indoor waterfall, a rooftop vegetable patch, exposed concrete walls, and timber stools for seats, we can already envision ourselves penning down our memoirs sitting right here in Koi cafe in Hanoi.

2. The Grounds, Alexandria, Australia

If there’s one thing we know for sure about The Grounds, it is that they take their cuppa very seriously. And by ‘seriously’, we mean a coffee ‘research and testing facility’ level serious. The coffees are imported all the way from Uganda, India, Ethiopia, and Brazil and the cafe opens up to a luscious garden that is the source of the all the organic goodness that goes into making the dishes in its rustic menu. As for the decor, let us just say that we will wait for you to find us a more eclectic floor in a cafe.

3. Snickarbacken 7, Stockholm

Okay, what is better than a cafe serving some of the best brews in the region? A cafe bar! Nay, a cafe-bar in front of an art gallery and a concept store, hiding in an alley. The decor is immaculate and super chic and modern. You can spend hours reading or working, or perhaps just finding an excuse to order your next cuppa.

4. The Vintage Emporium, London

History and literature lovers (or just about anyone who loves the bygone eras), this cafe off Brick Lane is stuck in the Victorian Era, and one look inside will tell you that it is also an antique boutique. You will be surrounded by the relics of the decades gone by and, let’s be honest, you’ll have a hard time staring at your laptop when you’re surrounded all these wonderful things!

5. La Fontaine de Belville, Paris

It is customary to save the best for the last, isn’t it? Some people say that the real life of Paris and its people can be seen at its cafes. So, how can a modern-day dandy miss out on that, right? La Fontaine de Belville is the quintessential Parisian cafe that we see in the movies. This place is buzzing with locals throughout the day, although the crowd changes and varies according to the time of the day. The place serves an interesting variety of Mexican foods along with vegan-friendly options.

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