This Is The Destination That Couples Are Choosing For Their Wedding in 2019

A world filled with natural beauty and cultural richness awaits in the archipelago island nation of Indonesia. Read on to know why a wedding or honeymoon here will be the stuff of legends. By Ananya Bahl

Whether you are a couple that loves hiking to the top of a volcano or deep sea diving among rich coral reefs, or whether you and your partner yearn for beach-side sunsets while enjoying some lip-smacking food, or possibly exploring ancient cultures and monuments—whatever your passion, you’re certain to find it in Indonesia. After all, in a region that includes more than 14,000 islands, there is, literally, something for everyone! All you need to do is decide what you find most appealing—the tropical paradises of Bali and Lombok, the mysterious customs of the Asmat people in Papua, or the highlands of South Sulawesi.

The ancient Hindu temple of Prambanan or Rara Jonggrang, Java Island.


The entire archipelago is dotted with spectacular historical structures that provide simply gorgeous backdrops for pre- and post-wedding photoshoots, as well as wedding ceremonies. For instance, Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple, is a magnificent monument in Central Java, set against a horizon that includes the twin volcanoes of Mount Merbabu and Merapi—the entire vista is simply unforgettable—just as a wedding near this setting will be.

If you’re seeking to introduce some local flavour to your wedding, then be sure to take advantage of the extremely diverse dances, musical styles, and foods of Indonesia. The islands are home to more than 200 ethnic groups, each with their own unique and colourful customs—you can incorporate some of these traditions into your wedding festivities.

One of the highlights of these multicultural societies is the delectable feast on offer. Indonesia’s rich culture and heritage naturally translate to flavourful cuisines that are sure to add a traditional twist to your wedding. Your guests will be talking about the rendang, a spicy meat dish from West Sumatra; soto lamongan, a heavenly broth from East Java, and pempek kapal selam, a savoury dumpling from South Sumatra, for years to come!

A wedding in Indonesia means you and your guests will enjoy swaying palm trees, starry skies, and a never-ending coastline on its many islands. If you’re dreaming of the perfect beachside wedding, then this is it. There’s also the bustling capital of Jakarta, with its numerous luxurious hotels and resorts, shopping destinations, and lively night clubs apt for city weddings.


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