A café made of ice? At 14000 ft? Surprised? Yes, India got its first ice café at Ladakh built at a height of 14000 ft. This initiative was taken by the Border Roads Organisation and is now open to the public. By Swastika Mukhopadhyay

Ladakh is an ideal vacation destination for most people during the summers. This place, laden with nature’s charisma and beauty surely offers exquisite scenic views you might have not seen before, which makes the place even more alluring. Now, there’s one more reason to visit Ladakh during summers.

India welcomed its first ice café in Ladakh. This ice café is situated at a height of 14000 ft. and serves traditional noodles and various hot drinks for you to slurp on in that extremely cold climate. With shivering hands and red noses, you would definitely find the ambience inside the ice café unusual yet welcoming.

How was the ice café made?

The ice café, which is essentially an artificial glacier, has been constructed by running pipes under the frost lines. Construction of artificial glaciers is actually a popular practice of water conservation in places of high altitude. Ladakh initially suffers from water scarcity during the summers. The water flows through these pipes and is made to fall on the ground in freezing temperatures. This leads to the formation of towers made out of ice. These towers melt during the spring months and the water is collected in the tanks. The collected water is then supplied to the farmlands. So, yes, the ice café will eventually melt, but it is expected to stay till mid-May.

The ice café in Ladakh is built in the form of a stupa. Reports suggest that the design of the ice café has been inspired by the works of the famous Indian engineer, Sonam Wangchuk who is also responsible for the Ice Stupa Project.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and plan a vacation to Ladakh. If you make it in time you can visit India’s first ice café before it melts.

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