Indians Are The Highest Spenders While Travelling Abroad (And We Aren’t Surprised!)

According to a recent survey, it has been proven that Indians shell out more money than citizens of any other country while travelling overseas. The Colliers’ research puts another feather on our hat; or maybe not? By Japleen Kaur

This comes as a shock for experts because of the fall in the value of the Indian rupee against that of the US dollar. But what can we say, when we go abroad, we go with a list of things to take back home. Even for our neighbour’s daughter’s best friend!

GCC, and UAE have gained a lot from our shopping sprees, with a 27% increase in Indians going to the ATMs. The latter saw around 2.3 million citizens vacationing there, and that was about 13% of its total tourists.

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And Dubai, a favourite international spot for us Indians had us at no. 1 on the list of foreign nationals who’ve visited the desert country. Quite naturally, this had to happen. We have no other place to go to for our perfume supplies, right?

Show this article to people who say India is a poor country. Then again, it’s only the high earning, middle-class youth who are saving up to travel and complete their to-do lists.

Well done, India.

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