Wanderlust was the hardest thing to hit us in the last few years (other than climate change) and it is thanks to hyper-inspirational, super-awesome, basically, badass Indian women travellers who with their jaw-droppingly aesthetic pictures from all around the world and stirring words have struck chords with our inner explorers like never before. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to be hit by these wanderlust cupids. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Shivya Nath

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I had kind of forgotten what it’s like to travel solo in an unfamiliar country… . . Eager to catch one of Myanmar’s famous sunrises, I woke up early and began riding my bike to a “small mountain” that a local had casually suggested. The streets were deserted except the occasional truck or bus, the sky was dark, the air was chilly and I had forgotten my taser at home. I cursed myself and the eerie of feeling of being out on those unfamiliar roads by myself, in an unfamiliar town, wondering if I should turn back. . . When I reached the Google Maps location, I was still on the main road, surrounded by limestone hills on both sides, none of which seemed to have a trail. And not a soul around in the darkness. Not wanting to wait at one place, I rode up and down, growing more anxious by the minute. Finally the owners of a small store showed up to open their shop, and I rushed to them to ask about a cave that was supposed to be nearby. But no matter the many different ways I pronounced it in, they kept nodding no. Then the dumb charades began; the sun, the mountains and me. . . The lady pointed me towards a small lane. In the lane, I spotted another local, who pointed me past the rice paddies. And another, who led me to a staircase going up a mountain. My first sunrise (previous pic on my gallery!), in compete solitude. When I descended, I wanted to see the paddies again in the morning light, so I asked another kind soul. Got pointed in another direction. Landed up at a channel where the excessive water flooding the paddies gathers. And met a local who asked me if I’d like to kayak on it, along the lush fields, to small pagodas built on rocks on the hillside. HELL YES! . . Yeap, I had kind of forgotten what it’s like to travel solo in an unfamiliar country 👣 . . #theshootingstar #myanmartravel #digitalnomad #solotravel #kayaking

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Author of the bestseller ‘Shooting Star’, this woman has been one of the pioneering women from India to show that a backpack, a pair of comfortable shoes, and a camera is good enough to start the journey you have been deliberating for years now. After quitting her job at Singapore Tourism Board at the age of 23, there has been no looking back for Shivya.

2. Trishita Bhattacharya

This young GoPro India Ambassador’s Instagram feed will give you the feels at the very first glance. With travels and treks from around the country and beyond, Trishita gives voice to the urban travelling woman for whom solo trips are the way to go. Her infectious smile is the only thing constant in her enviable pictures from all over the world.

3. Neelima Vallangi

‘The Wandering Soul’s Wander Tale’ sounds as poetic as the pictures on her Instagram feed seem. Neelima, a celebrated name among the travel blogging community in the country, had travelled to all the states and UTs of the country by the age of 30. After a trip to Ladakh, there was no going back to her desk job. Since then, all Neelima chases are mountain peaks.

4. Rutavi Mehta

After 7 years of gruelling work in the hospitality industry, Rutavi Mehta’s backpacking trip to Europe turned the tables and in fact, her whole life. She started ‘Photo Katha’, her own travel blog where she shares her travels experiences from all the globetrotting. Rutavi also volunteers to teach children for two months every year in Ladakh.

5. Lavinia

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Autumn’s here!⠀ Waiting patiently for the team to arrive to kick off the pyjama party! ⠀ ⠀ While I wait, I thought I’d say Hi to all of you new here. Happy and excited for y’all to join me while I share snippets from my travels and experiences here. ⠀ ⠀ A little about me: ⠀ – I work full time and I love my job⠀ – I’ve travelled to about 35 countries in the last 2 years ⠀ – I can talk, a lotttt!⠀ – I’m super emotional ⠀ – While I like writing, it’s pictures that I love more⠀ ⠀ Summer has been beautiful and it’s the first time in years I’m looking forward to layers and beanies and cute socks! ⠀ TELL ME: did you have a good summer? What’s your favourite season?

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Having travelled to 45 countries across the world, it is safe to say that Lavinia, aka Continent Hop lives a life on the road that we would kill for! Her pictures always come with a caption that tells a story or conveys a message.

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