If you have been postponing your international trip because of a cash crunch, we’ve good news for you! We bring to you a list of countries where the Indian Rupee will make you feel #RICHER. By Kumar Shree

1. Vietnam: 1 INR = 326 Vietnamese Dong

If you are looking for a land enriched with beauty and loaded with layers of cultural mix, then you have to visit Vietnam. Vietnam will inspire, enlighten and amaze each and every bit of you. This place has stunning landscapes, amazing food, detailed history and will give you surreal experiences. There is something for everyone in Vietnam. If you’re an avid traveller and think that you’ve seen it all, well believe us, Vietnam will throw unimaginable surprises at you. What adds to it is the fact that Indian Rupee is quite strong here, and you will feel like an absolute royalty when in Vietnam.

2. Indonesia: 1 INR = 196 Indonesian Rupiah

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The electric blue waters from the crater lake at Kawah Ljen — an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia — combine with the surrounding moon like landscapes and hazy orange sunrise to create quite a remarkable vista. Factor in the pure sound of silence and slow disappearance of millions of stars in the jet-black night sky and you have yourself a setting unlike anything else in the world. Would you be brave enough to night hike Kawah Ljen? (📷: @furstset📍: Kawah Ljen, Indonesia) . . . . . #magnificentworld #indonesia #kawahljen #ljen #volcano #getoutside #wondersofnature #stayandwander #allaboutadventures #eastjava #folkindonesia #wonderfulindonesia #traveldeeper #iamatraveler #ourplanetdaily #earthfocus #folktravel #earthpix #beautifuldestinations #natgeo #voyaged #nature #roamtheplanet #hikingadventures #wheretonext #travelstoke #indo #indonesia_photography #visitindonesia #indonesia_greatshots

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Say value-for-money travel destination, and Indonesia tops the list with flying colours. Indonesia packs up on everything that you wish to do, watch and experience in an international destination. Beaches with water-sport facilities, active volcanoes for you to climb on and invigorating spa sessions to ease it all out, Indonesia has it all. In fact, Indonesia has so much more to offer — we’re talking about lush-green paddy fields, the Komodo dragons, and temples shrouded with mysteries, along with breathtaking architecture. You can witness it all without burning a hole in your pocket.

3. Laos: 1 INR = 120 Lao Kip

It has been a common perception among people that you have to go across continents to witness all the wonderful things our planet has to offer. Well, guess what, you need to think again! Laos, which is very much a part of Asia, is a country that’s mesmerising and needs to be on your travel bucket-list this year! Imagine a fairytale landscape straight out of a Disney movie set, that’s the picturesque beauty of Laos. Laos seems to have been untouched by the hands of development and infrastructural facade, and have beautifully maintained its history and cuisine. What makes it all even more appealing is that you will get a great value of Indian Rupee here!

4. Paraguay: 1 INR = 86 Paraguayan Guaraní

No other place in the world other than Paraguay can bring you a truly authentic South American experience at its best. Let us sum up Paraguay for you in just a few words, and you will understand what we are talking about. Paraguay is the scene where stark opposites live together. You will witness horse carriages running right beside the sophisticated million-dollar cars. You will get to see the artisans working on their crafts right outside multi-storey shopping centres. These are just a few examples of what Paraguay is. Since money is not a constraint anymore, you have to get there to witness it all. We recommend you to visit the Palacio de Los Lopez at dusk, and definitely catch a show at the Teatro Municipal.

5. Cambodia: 1 INR = 56 Cambodian Riel

Cambodia is another great destination for Indian-rupee earners. The place strikes a perfect balance between the heritage of a long gone civilisation and the modern-day urban scene. On the urban side, it has absolutely stunning settings, diverse nightlife, modern cafes, and a world-class wine-and-dine scene. On the other hand, it has the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat, which has stayed back in time. Given the freedom that your money can get you in Cambodia, we recommend you rent a bicycle and roam around the city to your heart’s content.

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