Indian Railways just created a new record by operating the longest train ‘SheshNaag,’ that’s 2.8-kilometres long. Here are all the deets! By Amitha Ameen


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Among its many accomplishments, the Indian Railways has created a new record for operating ‘SheshNaag’, a 2.8-kilometre-long train, the longest ever to run on Indian railways. According to a report on the Times Now News, the train was operated by “amalgamating four empty BOXN rakes, powered by four sets of electric locomotives.”

“This experiment of connecting 4 rakes to run on the long train named Sheshnag was successful,” tweeted Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on the feat. He added that this would enable more goods to be sent from one place at a time.


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The incredible record was achieved in the South-East Central Railway zone of the Railways. As passenger trains are currently halted or running in a limited capacity due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Indian Railways is prioritising movement of freight trains and is planning to run multiple freight rakes, hoping to reduce travel time and costs.

SheshNaag running on track: boosting freight transportation, railways have run 251 wagons with 4 trains combined together, totalling to 2.8 km, between Nagpur and Korba,” added the minister in another tweet.


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Earlier on June 30, the Indian Railways had run a 177-coach freight train rightly named Super Anaconda. Three loaded trains weighing more than 15,000 tonnes were run in formation through the Bilaspur and Chakradharpur divisions.

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