If you haven’t made any travel plans for the festive season already, we bet these Instagram accounts will make you pack your bags and leave right now! By Deepali Sharma

  1. @bruisedpassports

Follow this couple as they travel around the world, sharing amazing views on their handle @bruisedpassports. Savi Munjal and Vidit Taneja quit their jobs to make travel their full time profession and have been to more than 90 countries.

2. @wanderingkamya

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I guess my interest in the plastic problem took a serious turn when watching a screening of A Plastic Ocean at a 2016 London film festival. My interests had always leaned towards social enterprise and economic development; but after stepping out of that documentary, I knew this was going to be, the one thing I wanted to focus on. . But I knew it wouldn’t be easy – after deciding to leave my life in the UK the previous year, I thought I’d try and set up my own social enterprise in India. First it started with a digital health platform. The idea didn’t fruition; I moved to issues of poverty alleviation. And at that point, I was just a small individual with absolutely no voice or any power over the issues I cared about. . Eventually in 2016, I tried pursuing my development interests working in an MIT-based research firm (J-PAL) in Chennai after a year of travelling. But after two months of working here, I knew that being here, I wouldn’t really be fulfilled. I knew that, I could never do what I wanted working for someone else’s idea; it would always have to be my own. . And so I quit, and decided to let go of everything I had thought of; free-falling into life with nothing but my instincts and impulsive desires. Which is when I realised the power of social media. People listen to other people; they seem to have much less interest in causes, charities, or anything of the sort. And so I started Instagram, as a platform for me to share my life and what I cared about. . Fast forward a year and half, and my past self is now waving at me with some sort of smile on her face. I may not have fulfilled my life purpose. No I haven’t done anything drastically significant or saved people’s lives. But today was the first time since then, I can see finally things start to happen how I visualized them. That I was able to use my influence towards the things I completely failed at before. And there are no words to describe that feeling. . (Continuation post tomorrow about the plastic collection event we conducted today + all the people who helped 🙌🏽)

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Kamya’s account is the window to exploring a place like a local. Her posts gives a tour of the streets, people, and different culture. She travels the world with the aim to capture realism on her lens.

3. @mishti.and.meat

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Time and again I've been questioned why would I take the pain of walking long hours and steep paths during my treks but the real question is who said walking and climbing have to be painful? Now I would be lying if I compared it to an evening walk in the garden but honestly, a major part of the pain quotient depends on how fit we are. With the growing popularity of treks in general, the number of people trekking every year has been increasing massively and while this has been a welcoming change, it gets really sad when people treat it like a summer vacation. From my personal experience, I've seen trekkers not carrying a warm jacket or a basic medicine kit while trekking in high altitudes. And sadly, I have seen many giving up just because it's too taxing to walk. When I decided to go for my first trek, I was visibly nervous about my fitness. The fear of not being able to reach the top would make me wake up everyday and start exercising the first thing in the morning. Thankfully I was one of the first ones to climb the Kedarkanth summit but that didn't stop me from giving up on staying fit for my next few treks. I then realised why @indiahikes focusses so much on pre-trek fitness. Although I was trekking against gravity my legs, my core muscles were already toned to bear it. This gave me the time to focus less on my body and look outwards at the views and enjoy the trails.I personally feel the fun dissappears from trekking if you have to huff and puff and struggle all along the route. Where's the point of just reaching from Point A to Point B without enjoying anything in between. Which is why fitness should be taken seriously before any treks especially if you are a first time trekker and do not exercise or run daily. Even if you don't have a jogging area outside your place, there's plenty of jogging exercises you can do at home. To move mountains, you first have to move your muscle, change your body and eventually change your life. Shot on #EOSM50 #MishtiAndMeatTravels #MishtiandMeatinRoopkund #indiahikesn#TheConversationCreator #roopkund #roopkundtrek #trek #uttarakhand #travel #trekkingcommunity #shotonCanon

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This Instagram feed will make you fall in love with mountains all over again. Shramona Poddar is a 23-year-old travel enthusiast who loves travelling solo. She took her first solo trip to McLeodganj and there has been no looking back ever since then!

4. @siddharthajoshi

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| Road to Doklam | . #Doklam became a familiar household name after the Indian and Chinese armies’ long standoff last year. I had read about it too, but never realised I was so close to it when we drove in Sikkim towards Nathu-La. Unfortunately, signboards don’t mark the road that goes towards the contentious area. Also, if you ask around most won’t be able to give you an answer without the patriotic fervour. Doklam, however, isn’t part of India and never was. It’s highly strategic for us, though. . To get a better overview, let’s look at the region called Chumbi valley. The valley was an important part of Sikkimese life and the royal family also had a palace there that they often visited. The access to the valley was through Nathu-La. Since the royal family had such strong ties with the royal family of Tibet, they often travelled to Lhasa from this pass and the Chumbi valley. Doklam is part of this valley. . Now ownership of Doklam is a complex issue, and each side has a series of treaties to quote from – some ratified, others signed under duress. In some, Tibet’s borders were defined but it wasn’t even a part of the treaty. . What happened here in pre-Independence India was a strategic-game – largely laid out of Britain (India took over the British reigns) with others simply forced to participate. It’s been with Bhutan, and we can safely stay with that ground reality – that’s how most land in the world it, the one who has it, often gets to keep it. . My travel companion told me about his visit to Doklam a few years back, and how he came back highly impressed by Chinese roads and infrastructure on their side of the border. Frankly speaking, even I would love to set foot on Doklam one day! I don’t know why. . #ParadiseUnexplored @paradise_unexplored . #leicastorenewdelhi #madewithLeicaQ . #SidTheWanderer

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Siddhartha Joshi is a travel blogger who explores lesser known destinations of India. His amazing photography makes the ride even more worthwhile. Check out his feed to discover new places, closer home, for your next trip.

5. @rangeelorajasthan

If you’re travelling to Rajasthan anytime soon, visit this page to learn about places and experiences that only a local could tell. The colourful posts on the state’s forts and streets will make you fall in love with Rajasthan.

6. @northeast_india

If you haven’t been to the north east already, these awe-inspiring Instagram posts from the ‘Seven Sisters’ will immediately make you pack your bags and leave.

7. @shivya

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Well, hello Scotland 👋🏼 Where the rainbows know exactly when to appear 😉🌈 (this is my 6th rainbow on this UK trip!) . . The last week has been intense, rewarding and a dose of much-needed motivation. After spending some days hiking in the Lake District and exploring Belfast, I attended my only travel blogging conference this year – the Social Travel Summit, hosted by @iambassadornet and @lovegreatbritain – which invites some of the world’s best travel bloggers to network with industry members, brainstorm ideas, discuss solutions and push boundaries. Besides growth-focused strategies this year, we spoke in depth about authenticity, overtourism and the role of influencers; I was glad to have the opportunity to speak on a panel about sustainable tourism. Oh, and @merchantbelfast dedicated a special cocktail to the conference, we made music in the streets of Belfast and had dinner – with Irish music of course – in the stunning @belfastcathedral (Insta Stories coming soon) 😲 . . I left Belfast full of FOMO for not exploring more of Northern Ireland… but the moment we landed in Aberdeen, for an adventure trip in collaboration with @visitabdn – think hiking, kayaking, quad biking, zip lining, moorland safari – I found JOMO 😉 As much as I wish I could be everywhere at once, I’d rather be sitting right there, on Bennachie Hill, lost in the colours of the rainbow and the stunning Scottish countryside. . . Have you been to Scotland? What did you love or what do you dream about? . . Thanks to fellow blogger @giuseppe.milo.photography for this shot; go follow him for stunning photography from around the world 🌎 . . #theshootingstar #visitabdn #lovegreatbritain #stsbelfast #shotoniphone

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This Instagram account belongs to author Shivya Nath who wrote The Shooting Star: A Girl, Her Backpack and the World. Much like her boo, her Instagram posts are about globetrotting with a backpack.

8. @abhiandnow

Only a few people have captured the beauty of the Himalayas like Abhinav Chandel. A travel enthusiast from a small town in the hills, Chandel shares jaw-dropping vistas of the mountains where he treks every now and then.

9. @budgettraveller

Kash Bhattacharya is an awarded blogger who will take you around the world through his intriguing posts. His photographs take you a trip of different architectural styles, street art, and locals.

10. @mymumbai

If you haven’t been to Mumbai, follow this page right now. The Instagram account successfully captures the soul of Mumbai and its residents. From the Gateway of India to Taj Mahal Palace, the account beautifully captures the city’s icons.