The first underwater bullet train in India will operate between Mumbai and Ahmadabad, reducing travel time from eight hours to just two. By Shrimayee Thakur

Bullet trains will soon have the added thrill of underwater routes in India, as the country has purchased 18 E5 series Shinkansen trains from Japan for INR 70 billion. Each train is to have 10 coaches, and the ability to attain speeds up to 315 kmph. Economy fares will cost around INR 3,000, and first class will have the same amenities as those in an airplane.

With the first to run between Mumbai and Ahmadabad, the route for 21 km out of the total of 506 km, from Thane Creek to Virar will be underwater, with the train making 12 stops along the way.

Another proposed underwater train route is from Mumbai to the UAE, which a Dubai-based company plans to build. The underwater rail corridor will run from Fujairah to Mumbai, and will span a length of 2000 km. It will be used both for commuting and goods transit.

The Indian government has received a loan of INR 880 billion from the Japanese International Cooperation Agency to be paid over 50 years with a 0.1% annual interest rate. The project will be similar to the high-speed rail network operating between London and Paris. It is slated to make its first run in August 2022, on the occasion of the country’s 75th Independence Day.

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