Ancient teak monasteries, ornately decorated pagodas and an overall unique and magical landscape are just some of the elements with which one can describe the beauty of Myanmar (Burma). Now, you too can experience all of this by travelling from India to Myanmar by taking a fuss-free bus ride. Oh yeah, it is happening! By Amitha Ameen

Myanmar is one of the more inexpensive international trips one can embark on from India. The visa-on-arrival for Indian passport holders is another reason the country sees a lot of tourists from our motherland. Now, there is another reason for travellers to rejoice while choosing to head to the country with two names.

After almost 17 years of planning and talking between the two governments, the awaited bus service between the countries has reached its final stages. The route will cover the stretch between Manipur and Myanmar’s former royal capital, Mandalay.

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Chief Minister of Manipur, N. Biren Singh on February 18 confirmed the progress during a state assembly, stating that the route would be operational from April 7. He added that the ride would begin from Mandalay on the 7th and would start from Imphal on the 8th.

The minister further added that although the bus would initially run thrice a week, plans to turn it into a daily service are also in motion.

An article on Myanmar Times on February 17 quoted an official of the Mandalay-based Shwe Mandalay Express Co. Ltd stating that the trip would be 14-day-long and “made possible by a partnership with India’s Seven Sister Holidays Co. Ltd.

The government and related authorities are confident that the India to Myanmar bus service will only strengthen the bond between the two countries and further boost the health, education and tourism sectors between the two nations.

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