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The Government of India extends lockdown till May 17. Ministry of Home Affairs issues a new set of guidelines for every zone to be followed strictly. By Tanvi Jain


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The Government of India has announced a further extension of the ongoing lockdown till May 17, due to rising cases of Coronavirus in the country. The decision was taken after Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently held a meeting with the union ministers and top government officials.  

“MHA issues order to further extend #lockdown for 2 weeks beyond 04.05.2020, to fight #Covid_19. New guidelines have permitted considerable relaxations in #Lockdown3 restrictions, within the districts falling in the Green and Orange Zones,” Spokesperson, Ministry of Home Affairs said in a tweet. 


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Some key highlights of the new guidelines issued by the MHA are as follows:-

1. All kinds of air travel except for the medical supply and other security reasons as permitted by the MHA to remain suspended. 

2. Passenger trains barring those permitted by the MHA to also remain suspended. 

3. Same with inter-state buses and other public transport. 

4. Metro rails will also not be allowed to function until the lockdown period. 

5. Inter-state movement will be allowed only for medical reasons or as permitted by the MHA. 

6. All kinds of educational institutions will remain shut, but online distance learning will be allowed. 

7. Among the hospitality services, only the ones used for housing health, police, government officials, healthcare workers, stranded persons including tourists and those using quarantine facilities, will be allowed to function. 

8. Cinema halls, malls, gyms, theatre, swimming pool, sports complex, bar, auditoriums, assembly halls and the likes to remain shut. 

9. No public gatherings, be it social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, cultural, religious, etc., will be allowed. 

10. All religious places, places of worship, religious congregations are also strictly prohibited. 


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Moreover, certain measures that have been taken for the safety of people, include, prohibition on the movement of individuals from 7 pm to 7 am, and urging elders aged above 65 years and children below 10 years to stay at home. Same for expecting mothers, and those with any kind of illness, except for essential needs and medical requirements, as per national directives.

However, OPDs and health clinics won’t be permitted to operate in the containment zones, and even in other areas, they will be allowed to function with safety and other precautions. In fact, all states and union territories have been ordered to permit the inter-state movement of cargo. 


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Furthermore, the ministry has also released a list of activities to be allowed or not based on the specific zone. Anyone found violating the rules could be charged under the court of law. 

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