If These Stunning Images Of Mysore Palace Don’t Leave You Mesmerised, We Don’t Know What Will!

Mysore Palace is one of the most iconic historical buildings in India that attracts thousand to visitors to witness the royal grandeur and regal opulence it is synonymous to. With so many visitors flocking its premises, the establishment strikes a different pose for every eye that looks at it via their cameras and phones, while maintaining its royal stance all along. Here we have curated 10 images of Mysore Palace that will bring its elegant charm straight to you. By Kumar Shree







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Mysore Palace – Part 3 – The present building of Mysore Palace was completed in 1912. Mysore Palace mesmerizes everyone with its magnificent architecture. Known as Indo-Saracenic, a beautiful blend of Hindu, Islamic, Rajput, and Gothic architectural style which the palace represents has been alluring watchers since time immemorial. The palace has many prominent rooms and places, each boasting of exceptional beauty. Public Durbar Hall is one of the most popular features of the Mysore Palace. It was used by kings to host various ceremonial meetinghouse. At the entrance of Durbar hall, a life size plaster of Paris statue of Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV has been placed, which was crafted by B. Basavaiah who was the palace artist. Next to it is the photograph of Jamedar Peer Bait, who was his favorite helper. Corners of the halls are decorated with French lamp stands. The durbar hall presents a mesmerizing beauty with its marble floor, varied decorated corridors, walls adorned with paintings from Hindu mythological epics, portraits of royal family members, God and Goddess, etc. Each painting seems to speak tales of Royal family and Mysore historical splendor. Vast mirrors on the walls add on to the overall beauty of the hall. (Shot on Canon EOS 700D + 10-18mm) • • • • #Musaafirnama • • • • @ykcwadiyar #india_gram #indianphotography #indiaclicks #indiapictures #SidTheWanderer #_soi #Nvedi #MaiBhiSadakChap #Mysore #yourshot_india #inspiroindia #travelrealindia #travelindia #igindia #igers_india #poi #cntgiveitashot #indiatravelgram #incredibleindia #MysorePalace #tripotocommunity #yourshot_india #_hpics #_coi #storiesofindia #travelmilitia #desi_diaries #NGTIndia #_Hoi

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