ILTM Cannes 2018 was one of the exhibition’s biggest ones yet. Join us as we take a look back at the event held against the backdrop that’s always a treat—Cannes. By Sanjiv Bisaria

Held in the first week of December at the famous Palais des Festivals in Cannes, the International Luxury Travel Market 2018 was the biggest and busiest ILTM event ever with 1,880 exhibitors from 101 countries.


It gained its reputation for bringing together the world’s most sought-after destinations, accommodations, transport and travel experiences for all luxury travel buyers, and is now a hub for all those aspiring to cement their status in the travel and tourism industry.

Over 200 accredited luxury and luxury travel editors and influencers also attended the 17th edition, ensuring over 5,000 attendees at the show.

The event carried the theme of ‘Health and Wellness’ and had, for the first time, a relaxation and wellness area called ‘The Retreat’ for the participants, who also had the chance to hear renowned health and wellness experts and attend their workshops. The participants networked extensively at the show and in the evenings at the lavish parties.


And ILTM doesn’t plan on slowing down: Alison Gilmore, Director, has already planned the seven dedicated ILTM events in Africa, Arabia, Latin America, Asia Pacific, North America and China, all of which will end in the flagship Cannes event (December 2-5).

“In the future, all travel is wellness travel and every trip will be expected to enhance the physical, mental and social well-being of the traveller. Transformation is the very promise of travel, and today’s travel brands are the solution to one of the biggest problems of our age. At ILTM 2018, we joined together to celebrate a future travel economy based on a lifelong, personal and emotional quest for longevity, where travel is the short cut to the end goal of wellness,” said Gilmore.

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